Marriage vows! Marriage contracts! Why?

What is a marriage Vow? The wedding vow is

Universal to us as Nigerians because we practice British Christianity.

Because our traditional society had a problem, it was easy for the western world to change our religion. They have not been able to take over China, Japan etc.

When cultures and traditions are unfair and inhuman they create the opportunity for other cultures and values to come in and take over the norm.

We are not going back to our old traditions because if they were good enough the western world will not have been able to change out traditions.

Many of our traditions have a selfish high priest who had a selfish god.

We are not going away from British Christianity into African traditional religion. 

We are going into proper Christianity.

 If the court system was not in existence, many women will have been badly cheated. 

Nigeria has a culture that does not accept equality 

If Nigerians accepted equality and a man is equal in opportunities to a woman (note this is not talking about different gender assignments) in opportunity and rights, then we will not need a court system. 

Religion, culture and tradition have been taught from a one sided point of view and it has failed! Due to this the western culture was embraced.

We failed to identify the need for equal opportunity and rights

Between 17 BC and 479 AD, lower classes had three marriages and the vow of marriage was kept by mutual consent.

Wealthy Romans will sign a document listing property rights to publicly declare that the union was legalized and not a common law marriage. This was the beginning of the official recording of marriage

It wasn’t of God. It was born out of the wealthy ones. Those who had money.

Looking at the life of Christ, of all the disciples, the one who betrayed him was the one who held the money. 

The marriage vow was brought in because those who had wealth wanted to guard their wealth.

The marriage vow was an introduction of the devil.

Christ attended a traditional wedding festival. There was no contract or a set of vows

The moment you have to make a vow, it is of the devil. 

Matthew 5:31

So what is adultery?

By the worlds definition it is sexual only. However, the scriptures tell us otherwise. Idol worshipping is also adultery. There are many stages of adultery

Christ tells us if there is going to be a  divorce, there has to be a reason, and that reason he identifies as adultery 

But remember there is a broad perspective on adultery. For example bowing to your GOs chair is adultery. 

Many pagan prayers such as “die by fire” “my enemy should die” are all adultery. 

Looking at that man lustfully is also adultery.

Matthew 5:33

Christ tells us not to make any vows. Simply say “yes I will” or “no I will not” anything beyond that is from the evil one. Let your yes be yes and let your no be no.

You don’t need to make a promise! A vow is a promise! The moment you enter a promise, you have entered a contract!

And the contract is of the devil!

We enter worldly contracts every day. 

The Anglican version of marriage vow swears till death and brings in God

Matthew 5: 33

Genesis 2:15

Mark 10:2

A marriage vow is a contract that joined you together, it’s not of God.

You were joined by a contact, a business deal. 

Christ said do not make a vow. 

Christ said anything more than yes or no is from the devil. 

Ephesians 5:21

Christ died for the church. You are supposed to love your wife the way Christ loved the church

Christ did not have a contract with the church. So why are you having a contract with your wife.

You have taken the essence of the spirituality of the Christian marriage and carnalized it.  

Adam married Eve the Godly way. 

Marriage is between a man, a woman and God

Christ got married to the church spiritually. But you have made marriage carnal 

Christ can never divorce himself from the church and a marriage in God can never be divorced 

But how many of you were married in God? 

It is time to raise Christians who say I do and mean it.

If this was the case we will not need contracts.

Christ wants us to be honest, righteous and uphold our words. Instead we choose the carnal way out.

Ephesians 5:32

This is mystery. Christ and the church are one.

Christ does not lock his phone for the church.

Why do you lock your phones for you wife / husband?

Remain Blessed 


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