Love and Pray for your enemy!

Have you not read the scriptures? Matthew 5:43-48

You need to understand that the person you think is your enemy is not your enemy!

Many times you are your own enemy and the things you are doing will prevent you from progressing

When you are supposed to be working, you are in church praying.

When promotion time comes you miss out and the one who is in the office gets the promotion while you are going to night vigil

The money you were to use as investment into your business, you gave it to your church so you missed your opportunity to grow your business

Christ knew you don’t know who your enemy is, that’s why Christ said pray for your enemies

Stop going to a pagan shrine calling on pagan gods to kill your enemy! Half the time, you are your worst enemy

You are your enemy and when you pray for your enemy to die it’s a suicidal prayer

God is not wicked and he can see better than you can. He knows you are your own enemy

Men looking for women to marry don’t go looking for them in church!

Spend time opening yourself up to opportunities

Stop listening to the liars telling you to pray death for your enemies

Change the direction of your prayers

Realize that you could be your own worst enemy

You eat and drink excessively

You practice unsafe sex

You don’t invest in your business

You don’t nurture your family

Then you pray for your enemy to die!

You are your own enemy! Pray for your enemy!

Matthew 5:43

That you may be children of your father in heaven

You cannot act line the true child of your father in heaven if you behave like the devil in hell

If you want to be your fathers true child,

“Pray for your enemies and love your enemies because maybe you are your worst enemy

Remain Blessed

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