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Religion is the glorification of man and the

ideologies of man that we have attributed piety to.

Christ neither practiced nor taught any religion

When was the word “Christian” first used?

Acts 11:26-69

The main difference between the message of The Free Nation and Islam is they we believe Christ died on the cross and resurrected. Most Muslims don’t believe that.

Christ did not teach or preach Christianity. He didn’t even call Himself a Christian

What is the best way to give a multidimensional message to a three dimensional people?

It is time to Learn about God who is not a prisoner of time.

Learn about God who operates on non-linear time. But we are linear time people.

There is no redemption if you have tasted the grace of the age to come, yet you put yourself under the law.

The covenant that God had with us through Christ is not domiciled on earth but in the place at the age to come

Earth is a prison for the rich and poor alike.

When you are born and when you die, the first and last bath you have will be given to you by others

Your covenant was not signed with the birth of Christ. If Christ did not die on the cross, his birth would have been unimportant

The covenant with Christ started with his death.

You must die to the world

Colossians 2:20

When a child is born, we celebrate

We understand life, because the birth of life is into this world, but we don’t understand death

It is easier for us to connect with the birth of Christ but harder for us to connect with his death

Today, if you are not ready to connect with his death, you are wasting your time.

His birth is of no significance. If you celebrate the birth of Christ, you might as well celebrate the birth of Isaac.

The birth of Isaac was when the promise was handed over to Abraham.

But since you don’t celebrate the birth of Isaac, why bother with the celebration of Christ’s birth?

We should celebrate his death, it was the spilling of the blood that saved us.

Hebrews 9:1-5, 7
In Matthew 27:50 the curtain was torn. The veil was torn

In the old covenant Before the high priest could enter the holy place, he had to offer blood.

The day the real blood was offered, the curtain tore and so the high priest no longer needed blood to go in.

Hebrews 9:11
Christ has now become the high priest. This is the new covenant.

The temple of the new covenant is not made by human hands. It is not based here on earth.

Acts 7:48
Acts 17:24

Hebrews 9:11-13
He has entered the “greater” more perfect

For it to be greater, it means the older one was “less.”

Our covenant is in the death. This is where it was signed. His resurrection was fulfillment of scripture.

Christ died so we can be free. He did not resurrect so we can be free. There is a world of difference.

What is being born again?
Accepting the one who was truly born again.

He couldn’t send the advocate until he was born again.

We got it wrong!
There is no “God the son” we have been given the “word.”

The son was God because he carried the “Word”

John 6:47
His flesh is the word and his blood is the blood of resurrection

His flesh is the WORD
The bread is the WORD
The blood is the covenant

Drink the blood
Be filled with the blood
Eat the flesh, be filled with the flesh
Have you eaten his flesh today!
Do you love your neighbor?
Do you follow his words?

Remain Blessed

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