If God Destroyed Shiloh, why are we resurrecting it annually?

If God himself destroyed Shiloh in the Bible, why are we resurrecting it every year in Nigeria?

Which God are we even serving in this Nigeria?

When are we going to start asking ourselves question?

When are the scales from our eyes going to fall off?

2 thoughts on “If God Destroyed Shiloh, why are we resurrecting it annually?

  1. H G says:

    The same goes for Canaan Land. The Shiloh in Nigeria is a major earner, a massive international scam. Pre-Shiloh Offering and sacrifice starts from October and continue until November when they start taking Shiloh Offering and sacrifice

  2. Ambrose Ajala says:

    Oyedekpo scam level no get pair at all. God did not only destroy Shiloh he destroyed the temple in Jerusalem as well, because people put their trust in the house rather than God himself. But these pastors would say to you that their shrine building is a house of God, But God does not dwell in a house build by man, they do all they can to convince the gullible that God is in those building. Oyedekpo had claimed that God instructed him to build Shiloh. Lies !!! Oyedekpo can lie !

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