How false narratives have empowered church traditions

Many of the traditions we follow are based on


People are trying to understand God with a limited mind.

Christ is a way to God. We follow as we trust and obey.

As we give our lives to the obedience of the word of God we are born again.

The churches idea of born again is not scriptural. They talk about practices that have no scriptural backing. And the free nation is not a part of that.

Matthew 15:3 – 9
Jesus replied, “And why do you, by your traditions, violate the direct commandments of God?
Matthew 15:3 – NLT

Many churches today teach man made ideas as commands from God. (Verse 9)

Genesis 3:14
Do snakes eat dust? This is what the scriptures say!

Micah 7:17
They will eat dust like creatures that crawl on the ground.

God is not wrong and can never be wrong. But what man understood and wrote, can be wrong.

God wrote the ten commandments and gave to Moses. But the scriptures were written by men and subject to man made understanding thus, man made errors.

No matter how intellectual you are, there are some things you can’t understand because you have not gone there yet.

You hear narratives such as “fast like a horse” Really? This was based on man’s understanding at that time.

There are many cars and animals today that are faster than a horse.

The scriptures were translated and written according to man’s knowledge.

God is limitless. But man is limited.

Even Shakespeare wrote in modern English
He wrote the book
“Much Ado about nothing”
There was a slang called “No Thing to refer to woman.
But people will not understand this poetic way of writing.

People can play with words and one word can have so many meanings.

We need to know poetic interference.

King James Bible created a lot of confusion.

Numbers 23:22
He quotes scriptures with unicorns that do not exist!

So because it’s in the Bible doesn’t mean it exists.

The Bible was written by politicians. They wrote the Bible to suit their agenda.

It is our job to filter out the truth about God from the lies men create to uphold their traditions.

The book of genesis is incomplete and disjointed.

You can’t prove and make a doctrine that Adam and Eve were the first people on earth.

Genesis 5

You have refused to ask questions.

It is time to remove what is unnecessary.

Another false narrative is three wise men.

They used false narratives, the scriptures tell us magi (magicians) not wise men.

Back in the days there was a thin line between magicians and pharmacists.

The name Easter is from a goddess. It is a pagan tradition and has nothing to do with Christianity

Another false narrative is that the lion is the king of the jungle.

Lions do not even live in the jungle. They live in the savannah

How bold and brave are lions?
They are not even the strongest in the world.

Make “google” your friend and do your own empirical research. The lion roars and is intimidating.

Another narrative we have is that the New Testament is accurate and complete.

At The council of Nicaea, they sat down and choose the books that will make the cannon to suit their agenda. Then they burnt or disregarded other books.

Read the history of bible translation. For centuries it was a very guided book and was not open and available to people.

There was a period where you had to study Latin to read the Bible

Religion was very and still is very political.

Acts 1:18

Matthew 27:5
The narrative about Judas is incorrect. Who really bought the field?

Churches use narratives that are convenient.

1 Thessalonians 5:31
Test all spirit and even the scriptures.

The scriptures were written by limited men. The scriptures were written by prisoners.

Like it or not, we are all prisoners of time. We are bound by time.

God is not limited to time. God is multidimensional while we are 3 dimensional beings.

The error is created because we are trying to squeeze God into our 3 dimensional world.

There are frequencies that our sensory ability cannot perceive or pick up.

We say God is limitless yet we limit him with our words and actions.

The tradition of the white wedding dress is not scriptural

This tradition was introduced to us from the United Kingdom under Queen Victoria, and has now been adopted as biblical fact.

This false narrative has nothing to do with the scriptures or with our African marriage traditions.

The marriage mentioned in the scriptures involved Christ changing water into wine.

Yet, today, you hear people say if they have not done a white wedding, they are not married.

Churches even profess that the white wedding is the only one blessed by God.
This is false narrative.

We were taught that it was the British that brought Christianity to Africa. People saying this have forgotten about the Ethiopian Enoch.

Deuteronomy 22:
Once again churches pick and choose the narratives and scriptures to adopt.

The scriptures in Deuteronomy tell us that if a woman is about to wed, and she it is found that she is not a virgin, she must be stoned to death.

Tradition tells you that the brides father leads the bride on her wedding day to her husband. But they want to pass this off as scripture.

When in fact scriptures say the father’s part is to lead his virgin daughter on her wedding day, and if she is not a virgin, she will be stoned to death at her father’s gate.

Galatians 2:14
Paul rebuked Peter for trying to bring gentiles under Jewish traditions.
Yet, Nigerian pastors who have no business with Jewish traditions are promoting Jewish traditions

Many pastors have combined Jewish traditions with English traditions and bunched them up into one big pagan tradition.

Matthew 15:9
“Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God.’”
Matthew 15:9 – NLT

Do not cancel the word of God for your traditions.

Remain Blessed

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  1. Lincoln says:

    Preach IT. “DF”……..The truth you know all set you free says the scriptures. Knowing GOD is a DIY concept. I don’t know where the Man Of God doctrine came from

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