How did skybala come into the place of worship?

The sons of the world wanted to be like the rest of

the world. They wanted a king.

1 Samuel 8:1-22

They rejected God as their king.

They were prepared to be salves to a king rather than accept God

2nd Timothy 4:3
People will gather around teachers to hear what their itching ears want to hear.

Your pastorpreneurs will quote verses to suit their mission

Ecclesiastics 10:9!
Who said this , Jesus or Solomon?
So are you a Christian or a Solomonian?

Did Jesus tell you money answers all things?

Nigerian pastors call themselves apostles of prosperity!
How can you be an apostle of prosperity to a country that has the poorest people in the world?

You are simply an apostle of Skybala.

A pastor, a joker! will stand on the pulpit and tell you about prosperity gospel that he alone is enjoying.

People in the church are pointing fingers at those going to night clubs, and saying that they are in the world! Really?

But the truth is that THEY these pastors who live in palaces, are the ones in the world!

Read the entire chapter of Luke 23

Pilate found nothing wrong with Jesus , but the teachers of religious law found him too controversial

Pilate then sent Jesus to Herod who was delighted at the opportunity to see Jesus, yet the teachers of religious law kept shouting their accusations.

Religion interferes with justice.

Politicians feel the pressure from the teachers of religious law.

Herod sent him back to Pilate. So Herod and Pilate who were once enemies now became friends.

They both found Jesus innocent of the accusations

They crowd (congregation) echoed accusations of their teachers

Once the crowd starts echoing the lies of their teachers, their teachers work is done.

The politicians want to work but the teachers of religious law will not let them work

The politicians succumbed to the pressure from the crowd under the religious teachers

The minds of people have been programmed into not being able to think for themselves

Luke 7:18
We are supposed to preach the good news to the poor, yet the pastors exploit the poor

Jesus did not count himself among those who lived in palaces

Matthew 26:3
Those who lived in palaces were plotting and scheming to kill Jesus

Yes, Jesus was a celebrity. Even Herod wanted to meet him.
Jesus was not a rich man, he was a celebrity.

The reason why they were casting lots for Jesus clothes was because of his status and not because the clothes he wore were expensive.

The same palaces are being built today. The same sons of Skybala are ranting senselessly

It is time to get out of Skybala infested houses.

Remain Blessed

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