He is Risen! The real truth about Easter

Yes, Christ resurrected!  But… The celebration of the

resurrection of Christ is named after a Saxon goddess!

We were called at this time to purify what we have today as our faith

When we live in an era when a pastor feels no shame when he stands on a pulpit and prays “let your enemy die by fire”

When they wish a fellow human death… we practice lies

Instead of living your best life you are living your best lie

Christianity has to move away from living a lie.. to living your best life

Easter is a word derived from the goddess Eastra, the goddess of the Saxons

When you know better, you should do better

We should simply call it the celebration of the resurrection of Christ!

Calling it Easter is not Christian

Remember we have to worship God in spirit and truth not in lies

True Miracles happened in the time of the disciples, today deceit is rampant in churches

The mentality of the “Widows Mite” is not Christian!

Matthew 28:5

Acts 4:33

John 19:31-37

An innocent man was condemned to death and then they remembered their religion.

The law is the law of sin and death.

The Same law that religious leaders used to condemn an innocent man to death is the same law they want to uphold so they will not be stained

They did not want his body hanging on the sabbath because it is against their religion.

Matthew 23: No wonder Christ called them sons of vipers!

What was holiness to them and what is holiness to them

now, is murder in reality!

The murder of an innocent man,  Christ!

For them to celebrate their holy day, they had to hasten someone’s death. (Matthew 19:31).

Matthew 12:40

For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Matthew 12:40 NIV

Believing that Christ died on Good Friday and resurrected on Sunday is calling Christ a liar and that makes you a fool!

Count each day! Don’t use your tradition to count the days!

John 20:1

Did Jesus resurrect and say he made a mistake?

Did Christ say Jonah’s was 3 days but his own was 2 day?

Don’t make Christ look like a liar in order to glorify the goddess Eastra!

So it’s either Christ lied or the Good Friday – Easter Sunday timing is not scriptural and it’s not accurate!

Why do you think other religions laugh at us?

It is time to really examine scriptures

Genesis 1:5

Evening has to pass to call it a day.

It is in order to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, but let’s not call him a liar while we are doing so

The Bible talks about two types of Sabbath days.

The day before the sabbath was called the preparation day

On the day of preparation, the Jews did not want the body of Christ on the cross so they will not have to work on the sabbath

John 19:31

We are told that the sabbath day was a high day

On the evening before Christ was crucified he kept the Passover (Luke 22:13).

Many softwares can calculate dates for us

Science is starting to make more sense than religion

Christ did not align with religious leaders.

He called them blind guards. Paul asked who bewitched the Galatians

Wednesday is the day christ was crucified

When will Nigerians be called Nobel?

Nobel in churches today is about who appears to be the richest!

Being Nobel is about wealth.

There are two sabbaths involved from Christ’s death to resurrection

Mark 16:1

Matthew 12:14

While men slept christ resurrected. It was not Sunday as people assume

Matthew 28:1-5

The original Greek in which the gospel was written tells us that two sabbath days were involved in this account

When churches concern themselves with money and other things, they fail to notice details of the scriptures. They are more busy with their own doctrine

Acts 4:33 testified to the resurrection, however we have to worship God in spirit and in truth.

We have to rise up and embrace the truth

John 4:24 – Worship God in spirit and in truth only

The truth is uncomfortable.

It is easier to go with the lies and the crowds. Giving Yahushua a name that is not his own! A birthday that is not his own and a resurrection date that is a lie!

The Free Nation in Christ is not part of any Reformation!

We are a separate Nation,

We are free in Christ

Free from the lies of the Establishment

Free from the lies of the Pharisees

Free from the lies of the Reformers

We are not here to reform the scriptures

We are creators, building purely on the truth!

We are building a new foundation

We are going back to the basics

Remain Blessed


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      I was going to leave you to it before but I felt a sudden compassion for you (kindly read through the message a few more times, I promise your confusion will vanish)
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