Girl Power

Our  women will no longer be suppressed

This is a message of awakening
We have been at a juncture for so long.

It is time to wake our women up. They have been sleeping for too long.

When the devil wanted to lunch his ministry, he used a woman.

Many men like to fool themselves that they are the head of their homes.

Any wise man knows that it is the woman that heads the home. No matter what tradition says.

A slave girl who found favor in the eyes of the King and saved a notion.

The more we look at this the more we realize that our women have been neglected and forced into the background simply because we want to push a male agenda

When God wanted to redeem us, he used a virgin woman to birth a man that carries his DNA and ours.

God is not bound by time like we are. Where God is, Day doesn’t break and night doesn’t fall.

God is multi lineal and multi dimensional

If death came through a woman, life also came through a woman.

But because our society is male dominated, we have relegated the woman to the background

Matthew 14:21
When Jesus fed the 5,000, they counted only the men. The women were not counted.

Mark 6:44
Once again only the men were counted.

Christ did not write the scriptures, they were written about him

The scriptures tell us that Christ had 12 disciples in an era where women were not counted.

Could it be that there were some female disciples that society never mentioned?

Luke 24:1-10
The first people that knew Christ had risen from the dead were women. The first revelation came to woman.

It is time for us to analyze.

Why was it the women telling the 11 disciples? Shouldn’t it have been the disciples telling the women?

It’s time for the women to go to the tomb.

Time for women to get up, so when that man of god comes to you with lies, you respond with “here is what Christ said I should tell you”

Women rise up and say “I’m coming to you with a message not coming to you for a message. I understand what my position as a woman, in the house of God is.

Luke 8:1-3
Note that the same women were mentioned in the scriptures. Mary, Joanna, Susanna.
Yet they continue to hide this narrative because it doesn’t suit the male agenda

As long as women continue being suppressed, poverty will continue.

In developed nations where there is little or no poverty, women are not suppressed. The poor are also not suppressed.

In Nigeria, we elevate the rich
It is time for us to elevate our women and the poor

The more you forsake the poor the more you compound your problems

The more you suppress the women the more you compound your problems

If Adam was in charge, Satan would have gone directly to him

If the snake had gone to Adam, there is a huge possibility that Eve would not have eaten of the apple.

Luke 24:13
The men still did not recognize Christ. Their expectations were based on the understanding of men.

Matthew 28:1
The men had fainted but the angel took the women into the tomb.

The scriptures were written by Matthew and Luke who gave accounts of events where they were not present

A male dominated society did not permit a book of Mary Magdalene who was at the tomb

The men that were not there were telling us about women who were there

Because women were suppressed by the culture, we will never have a true account of the resurrection.

All we have are reports.

Luke and Matthews accounts are different. Men took the information from women and wrote it as they were led.

Matthew 28:7
The women were sent to wake the men up and inform them

The scriptures are a code and only a discerning spirit can understand them

We have to test everything said in the scriptures according to the time it was said

Many women have become deaf to the voice of Angels because they are being suppressed by men

They are called names such as “marine spirits” “witches”

Religion suppresses women. Christ never did.

Acts 18:24-26
The women knew the word of God more accurately than Apollos.

It was Sarah that suggested to Abraham to get a second wife.

Genesis 27:42-46
Rebecca is the one who took the decision concerning Esa and Jacob.

Judges 16:4-5
Samson and Delilah
Judas was given 30 pieces of silver to betray Christ.
Delilah was given 1,100 pieces of silver from each of the leaders to betray Samson

Acts 2:17
Our daughters will no longer be neglected. They will prophesy. They will not be suppressed.

Remain Blessed

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