Get rid of the seed of Cain

Worship  God in spirit and truth not in money!

The problem is that people hate the truth!

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32 – NIV

Drop the slave mentality! A slave is not part of the family, but a son is.

The time has come to unlearn man made doctrine and the ideology.

They have implanted their seed in us and we need to get rid of that seed.

As Nigerians we are by birth pagans . We have been given imported religion.

We were born into paganism, schooled by people who are pagans then became Christians

Our innate character will always draw us to that which is natural to us.

It will pull us because it is inborn in us. Paganism is innate in us

Matthew 6:7
We are taught not to pray like pagans because naturally we are of a pagan nature

In paganism people pray for their enemies to die. That is why pastors who pray “Die by Fire” prayers appeal to many people

Stop using repetitions

Acts 7:55
Stephen was full of the Holy Spirit when he was stoned to death.

The Holy Spirit did not come and kill his enemies. Stephen was allowed to die.

The Holy Spirit did not come and miraculously save him.

Heathens are always looking for a diaty that will Fight for them

They all want to follow David who wasn’t even a Christian.

He was a man after God’s heart but carnal in every way.

Get the heathen out of you.
Your pastors have been schooled in error and they school you in error too.

1 Corinthians 14:1-5
Let love be your highest goal

The mystery of speaking in tongues is not the blabbing you hear in many churches today.

The mystery of speaking in tongues is in understanding what is being said.

For example if Einstein’s relativity theory is translated into many different Nigerian languages that you can speak, you will be able to read it, but it does not mean you understand it.
It will still be a mystery of understanding.

The word understand is used in the context of language and knowledge

Genesis 4:8-the end
Cain mixed his blood with the heathens
Music, building, practically all we do came from Cain.

Yet Cain was caused by God. Cain went to the pagan gods.

Genesis 5:
Note that when Adams genealogy was written, Cain was not included

The only birthday ever mentioned in the New Testament was the birthday of Herod where John the Baptist was beheaded . Yet we continue to celebrate Christ’s birthday

The pagan gods worship with money, building temples,

Acts 7:39
Stephen reminded the people that the most high does not live in temples made by human hands. They murdered him.

Acts 17:22-25
Paganism is in the human DNA
It is easier for a pagan gospel to thrive than for the truth about the gospel

So many Christians are trying to worship God through pagan means.

It’s time to let go of pagan practices

John 8:32
Let the truth set you free

Worship God in spirit and truth for that is what he desires

Who are you giving your sacrifices to?

Galatians 2:17-18
Stop building up the old law

The lord of heavens army has no needs. Your pagan money cannot be use to serve God

Find out how God needs to be served and celebrated

Stop false teachers from spreading their deception

The god of the your Pentecostal churches is a very hungry god that needs your money!
You need to feed it many seeds and fruits! Keep it in a building & worship it!

But we “ The Free Nation” have the temple of God within us and worship in spirit and in truth

The God of heavens armies is worshipped in spirit and in truth and does not need your money!

Get rid of the seed of Cain and start to build a temple within you

According to Christ, each time you did something for the least of my brothers, you did it for me. So shall it be.

Luke 8:14
Get rid of the seed of Cain.

Remain Blessed

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