Get back on that bike and ride it!

It’s all about the money!

Some churches now have church viewing centers so they can collect offering.

Why can’t they make people view it from their homes for free.

Globally Nigeria is only mentioned as rich when it is connected to pastors.

Nigeria is not mentioned among the richest businesses on earth or richest people except for having the richest pastors

1 Thessalonians 1:1
Our Gospel came not just in words but also in power.

God has to use someone who can teach himself and so God is using Daddyfreeze

If you cannot teach yourself, you can never unlearn and relearn

The uneducated man of the last Century was a man who could not read and write (An illiterate)

The illiterate man today is a man who cannot unlearn and relearn

Don’t be foolish teach yourself gain some knowledge. Don’t  be ignorant.

Learn about how stuff works instead of praying and remaining in ignorance

When you first learn to ride a bicycle, you will stumble and have many falls.

Eventually you will master the bicycle. Then you go
Further to learn how to ride a power bike, a car and so forth.

You have to learn a lot on your own through trial and error not just with a book

There is nothing wrong with prayers but you still need knowledge

It’s ignorance when you have people  in airplane turbulence praying in tongues instead of paying attention to instructions

Learn to listen. Learn to pay attention. Paying attention can save your live.

Praying loudly and speaking in tongues will endanger your live and the lives of others. This is the height of ignorance . If you must pray, pray silently in your spirit.

Instead of speaking in tongues how about listening to the tongue of the pilot

Stop jumping to conclusions.

Acts 27:11
Examine the scriptures everyday to see if what you are being taught is true.

If you spend time searching the scriptures you will find the truth. You will know when you are being given the wrong information

When you don’t understand things your reaction may be more deadly than the actual situation

No one dies from learning but people die from ignorance

Hosea 4:6
People die simply because they have rejected knowledge.

The most ignorant type of prayers is “die by Fire” and praying for your enemies to die.

We have been told that God created man in his image, however, prosperity doctrine helps you create your own god.
People have their own god created in their own image

The prosperity gospel creates good and evil according to what they find to be beneficial to their lives. This is satanic because this is a satanic doctrine

John 4:23
We have to worship the father in spirit and truth.

Many do not even know what they are worshipping

Many are looking for signs and wonders.
When they asked Jesus for a sign, he said that he will destroy the temple and rebuild  the temple in 3 days. This is the sign he showed them.

People embrace pastors who preach what their itching eats want to hear. They do not want to embrace sound doctrine

People are looking for motivational speech! Looking to hear “A miracle break through will happen before the end of the year”
If there is no sacrifice, there will be no breakthrough

Weather it is foolishness of preaching or the preaching of foolishness, you have rejected knowledge!

Daddyfreeze is sowing into you the word of God. Your job is to create a germinating atmosphere

We are all shepherds not Sheep!
Become a shepherd, shepherds don’t eat grass.

Ignorance is suicide. It is NOT not bliss!

Remain Blessed

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