Generational Curses

It is time to fix the narrative. It is time to work

with a part of your mind that you do not fully control.

Imagine walking and you see dog poop. Your mind thinks quickly not to step on it. But while you are walking you are seeing breaks and stones which your mind does not pick up since you have registered them as not being important.

Your mind has been trained to realize that it is normal for a stone to be on the road. There will probably be some grass, open gutter etc. and you walk without giving it a second thought.

Now imagine you see a $100 bill on the side of the road.
You recognize the value of $100.

The part of your mind that recognizes the value of money and the worthlessness of stones and the danger of stepping on dog poop is the part of your mind that needs to be worked on.

If the reverse was the case, meaning dog poop was worth something and $100 was worthless, you will be looking for dog poop. It is all in the mind

The narrative “The Lion is the king of the jungle” is a false narrative.

Lions don’t even live in jungles.

We do not question things.
Most people simply follow “If it looks right, if it sounds right, it must be right.”

If it is not right, no matter how right it looks, it is wrong.

We have come from a place where our ancestors lied to us and their lies have become our truth.

In 1960, there were about 45 million Nigerians, 52 million British and 18 million Romanians. Today, there are 200 million Nigerians, 67 million British and 19 million Romanians.

We added over 150 million people to the earth based on false narrative. Our minds tell us that if a woman is not married with children she is a failure.

Look at the women of the scriptures. Mary Magdalene, Martha, they were not failures. The first person Christ appeared to at resurrection was a woman.

People look past the fact that the women who ate with Christ were not married.

If you believe that not being married at a certain age, is a generational curse, you are a fool.

If Christ did not find husbands for Mary and Martha, who are you that he will come down and find husband for?

The current population have not yet all been fed. We have a population of 200 million that we cannot feed.

In Nigeria today there are at least 94 million people in extreme poverty.

A husband is not God’s priority for any Nigerian woman.

God has given Nigeria enough children. Let us feed, cloth and educate them.

Instead of praying for a husband and children, why not set aside some of your income to take care of disadvantaged children.

But instead you walk past the hungry and go to give a rich man (pastor) money.

You run to churches that have programs on how to succeed, yet you are a failure.

Anyone that is preaching to you about how to be successful does not have a clue on how to be successful.
He is using you to make himself successful

He is working with a portion of your mind that filters out the good from the evil by predeciding what is good and what is evil.

They come up with all sorts of false narratives like generational curses.

What about Germany? Hitter was from Germany. So why are they not suffering with generational curses?
It is because the narrative is a lie.

There is no such thing as generational curses.

Your pastors have no will to teach you deep scriptures because the deeper you go into scriptures, you start to question them.
The moment you start to question them, the food you are giving them will come to a halt.

The only curse that exists is what we are doing to the earth. The next generation will have to endure the curse of what we are doing to the earth.

What you sow you will reap.

In Kenya they use paper bag because they care about the environment. This is not the case in Nigeria.

The Atheist who don’t believe in God practice better Christianity than most Christians.
They live religion free, openly count their offerings, and share the offerings among those in need.

Romans 2:14
Even Gentiles obey the scriptures. Yet those who claim to go to church do not practice what the scriptures say.

Numbers 14:18
Exodus 20:5

An unschooled Christian without the knowledge and revelation of the scriptures will go with anything in the Bible and make it doctrine.

Someone once said you pray with everything in the Bible.

This is false. If you don’t understand the hierarchy of the scriptures you will fall for false narratives.

You need to know the old law and the new law.

The book of Numbers and Exodus were given to Moses. That is the Mosaic law. Did Moses die on the cross to save you?

The word of Christ is superior to that of Moses.

John 9:1
The man was blind so the power of God can be seen in him. He was not blind because of anyone’s sin.

The words of many pastors have been out dated.

John 9:28
The people who acknowledge that there are curses separated themselves and clearly stated that they are disciples of Moses.

The Mosaic doctrine tells us that what the father does can be visited on the son.

When the blind man challenged their conventional wisdom, they threw him out of the temple.

This is the same method the church uses to deal with anyone that comes with a contrary opinion.

Unknown to them, even the prophet Eziekel came with a word.

Eziekel 18:20
The one who sins is the one who will die. The child will not share the guilt of the parent, nor will the parent share the guilt of the child. The righteousness of the righteous will be credited to them, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against them.
Ezekiel 18:20 – NIV

If you want generational curses, go to a generational cursing church and heap curses upon yourself.

John 1:17

Grace did not come through Moses. The law came through Moses while grace came through Christ.

Romans 10:4
All who believe in Christ are made right with God.

Christ has accomplished the purpose of the law.

Many still don’t know that tithing is the law.

Hebrews 7:5
The law of Moses requires you pay tithes. The grace of God does not.

Hebrews 5:1

Matthew 25:31
Your gifts to the poor is the gift that Christ takes to God.

Acts 10: 1
If you want to give to God, give like Cornelius. Give to the poor.

Hebrews 7:23-24

There were many priests under the old covenant and death prevented them from remaining in office.

Ephesians 2:15
The old system ended with all its tithing and generational curses, and a better system was put in place for all of humanity.

Colossians 2:14
All the old charges were nailed to the cross.
Your tithes have been paid on the cross.

Hebrews 10:1
The law was a shadow of the good things to come.

The old covenant had many high priests.
We only have one high priest. Our savior, Christ.

Remain Blessed

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