Free yourself from the Establishment!

GOs and pastors preach that marriage is until


They do not consider human life! They want you in prison establishments.

The scriptures say two become one! But the two do not become one.
There are many single people who are married!

The establishment has created a worldly document called a marriage certificate.

Where did Adam and Eve keep their certificate?

Church’s have become tradition! There is protocol.

Yes, there must be order in worship! But today we see protocol for offerings and church building.

In the battle field You have the guns! Your GO’s and pastors have butter knives!
So why are you still afraid of them. Stand your ground!
You are better equipped than they are!

Malachi 2:16
This is all they read.
Why don’t you read from verse one?

You will find out that it was for the priests not the congregation.
Also a woman who has been unfaithful to her husband cannot use this verse.

Married Women & men should not keep secrets from each other.

Matthew 5:31
Christ clearly tells us not to make any vows.

For all of you who claim that Christ appeared to you and gave you a word! Think again!

Someone appeared to you but it wasn’t Christ!

Christ cannot appear to you and give you a doctrine that is not scriptural.

Ezekiel 16:30

James 4:4
Adultery is when you are a friend of the world.

Matthew 6:24
You cannot serve God and money.

The world and God are at opposites ends.

Remain Blessed

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