Four legs good Two legs bad or Four legs good Two legs better

Don’t make lack of understanding your culture.

Don’t celebrate ignorance. 

Revelation of end times, it’s time to embrace knowledge

 Study the word so you will Not be deceived 

The kingdoms of light and darkness are constantly in battle

The gospel has been monetized

The forces of darkness fighting the body of Christ as a whole.

Do not personalize it. It is for the greater good.

In the days of old, Allaha Blessed people with money and material things. Today, we are blessed with the sacrifice of his son. The redemption of our soul.

This is the reason why today, we can see a poor man who is blessed and a rich man who is cursed. 

In the old days it was the other way around. Once you had money you were blessed. These days, it doesn’t work like that. 

Many who are rich today are rich out of oppressing the poor, fraud, stealing etc.

It is not a curse to be rich legally. It is a curse to be rich dubiously. This includes pastors who deceive and collect from their congregation.

The elite class in religion use words to control and manipulate those under them this can be compared to what happens in the book “Animal farm”

They will use verses like this:

“I wish for you to prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers” they base their prosperity gospel on this verse and they don’t read this in entirety. 

They don’t explain this verse. 

In the book “Animal Farm” because the animals had low intelligence, the elite (pigs) shortened laws to make it easier for the others to remember. They used “Four legs good, Two legs bad” Their battle was with humans. The laws they lay were with good intention 

Within a short time, the elite began to adjust the laws to suite themselves and pushed it from a point of fear. They instilled fear in the other animals under them.

Corruption crept into the society.

Many churches preach fear. They want their congregation to be in constant fear. 

Pastors want people to see evil in everything. They feed on the fear of others. 

As long as they appeal to the fear of the people, they can change the laws and create the fear of who they have made the enemy. 

They also appeal to your fear and hatred of an enemy that does not exist. 

Then you start praying “Die by fire” for an enemy that does not exist. You have now become your pastors puppet

But if you listen to Christ, instead of hating, you should be praying for that enemy. When you pray for someone, you destroy the stronghold of hatred so you can no longer be manipulated by hatred. 

When there is no hatred, it becomes impossible to fear. 

Many pastors have become what they have been fighting 

The only way to keep your pastors in check is to educate yourselves on the scriptures or you will be like sheep chanting “Four legs good, Two legs bad”

The doctrine of many churches is “just being your money”

Then they want to teach you how to speak in tongues. And tell you to start with gibberish! 

James 1:18

We became his priced possession. Don’t let anyone water the scriptures for you. 

John 4:24

Worship Allaha in truth and spirit

Don’t be too lazy to use your brain.

During the time of Christ, the Jews were too lazy to understand 

Matthew 16:20

Yahushua warned the disciples not to tell anyone that he is the messiah

John 4:25

He reveals himself to a Samaritan woman. The Samaritans were open. 

Christ wants us to be like Children, teachable. 

The Jews could not accept it when Yahushua said he was the bread of life

Acts 17:11

The people searched the scriptures. They were Berian Christians. They wanted to make sure Paul and Silas spoke the truth. 

The teachings of Christ have been summed up into 4 or 5 statements 

“Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm 

Malachi 3: 8-10

“Bring all the tithes into the storehouse 

When you do not know you are a priest, you set yourself lower than you should be 

Malachi 2:7

This is the old priesthood and it is dead

Hebrews 10:1-2

This is the new priesthood 

1 Peter 2:5, 10

You keep running out for “Altar call” why don’t you stop doing christ and start being like Christ. 

They tell you to pay tithes so you can open the gates of Heaven! 

What a joke!

When Stephen was being stoned to death the heavens opened. God did not pour money on Stephen. God watched him die while he prayed for God to forgive his persecutors. 

Stephen did not pray for anyone to die by fire.

Christianity has been reduced to a journey. Most have forgotten that the Christian walk has a destination. 

Pastors have started preaching the journey as a doctrine instead of the destination. 

John 21:15

Pastors have been ordered to feed Christ’s sheep

Not for the sheep to feed them

Christ fed the 5000. The 5000 did not feed Christ

Remain Blessed 

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