Format your Hard Disks


Your hard drive has been corrupted with false


We have been programmed to settle for less

Developed countries don’t have churches on every street

You don’t see people gathering on a Monday to pray! They go to work!

They don’t have prayer session of 3-4 hours

Back to back negative twits about this country that has so many churches

Poverty, suffering, managing a bad situation has become the norm for Nigerians

We have been programmed to accept what most people in the world will declare as unacceptable

It has become a norm for regular people to go to ritualist

It has become a norm for those who are supposed to guard you to shoot you

You are told not to argue with police officers

There are spots where you get robbed repeatedly

Every country in the world has a bit of crime.. but look at us

We call ourselves Christians! As Christians we are the custodians of Christ. We are supposed to have Christ in our pockets, yet the love of Christ doesn’t work for us.

We need a religion that works… so you find pastors going back to Elijah, the prophet where it is comfortable to see that only one person prospered

Yet Acts 4:32 tells us no believer lacked! But you don’t want to hear that! You want to be the one that is prospering in famine so you go into the Elijah mode!

You preach Elisha as a doctrine So you don’t laugh at your GOs when they are wrong! You follow blindly!

Instead of being born again in Christ, you become burnt again in crisis

What many of you think is the worship of God is the worship of idols

The scriptures are very specific! Freely you have received, freely give

Matthew 10:9
Those who work deserve to be fed but your pastors want luxury

It doesn’t take a temple to serve God. To serve God First serve humanity

You lack understanding when you think that if you give money to a sick person, they will die and you will be cursed

How can you say you love God you have not seen when you haven’t loved your neighbor that you see.

Matthew 5:3
God loves the poor

When you come into this world, you come new and un programmed.

You came Blessed. It is the programming that they give you that leaves you cursed

You would have been better off not practicing any religion, but just doing good.

Genuine humanity is better than false Christianity

A human being who has compassion, a human being who has love, A human being who cares about other human beings is better that one who is a Christian without compassion

John 4:20
If we don’t love people we can see, how can we love God we cannot see

What we have understood as Christianity is religiousness

John 13:35
Love one another is a direct command

They will not know you are my disciples if you have private jets

They will not know you are my disciples if you perform

They will not know you are my disciples if you arrive in rolls Royce

They will not know you are my disciples if you build churches in every street

Unless you show love!

1 John 1:6
We say we have fellowship with him yet we walk in darkness

Luke 11:34
Matthew 6:23

God is light there is no darkness in him

A man elevated himself to a godly position, a great man of god who drinks tea with god and that is the person into whose hands you trust your faith

There is nothing wrong with the man, but there is everything wrong with you

Until you correct him he will keep saying it! But your itching ears love to hear lies

1 John 2:7
When you live in darkness, the message of Christ looses its potency
You cannot say you walk in Christ yet hate your neighbor

Be kind even to your enemies
Where in the scriptures did you see that you should pray for your enemies to die?

The only thing dying is your sense

All of you praying “Holy Ghost Fire” “Holy Ghost Fire” you will end up in Hell Fire.

Holy Ghost is not sending fire to burn anyone

When will you realize that other countries are doing well without looking for Holy Ghost to kill anyone

It takes love to know that you need to work so you can pay taxes and take care of the disabled or less privileged. This is how a developed system works.

Pastors are supposed to be taking care of the poor not feeding off them.

Stop taking tithes from the poor, widows and students

Nigeria should learn from other countries

Until we are ready to Format our hard disks and go back to the original state God created us

It is time to remove the ideology that has been falsely laid into our hearts as doctrines of gospel and start building on a foundation of love

Until we do this, we will continue to rot in poverty

True prosperity is love of brethren to brethren

Until you are ready to build person to person, you will continue in poverty

Matthew 18:6
A little child has not been downloaded with anything.

Your Disk Drives are filled with viruses and they have told you things! Lies!

They are the nicely dressed ones, in fancy car, pastors, who want nothing from you but your money

It is time to Format your hard drive & return it to factory setting

Your hard drive is corrupted with false doctrine

Turn from your sins and become like little children

Remain Blessed

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