Excuse me Mr GO who is not going to heaven again?


Sunday April 15, 2017, Daddyfreeze teaches

The Free Nation in Christ Church.
Topic: What it takes to make heaven.

GO’s – Pay tithes so you can enter heaven
Red Bible – Show mercy to your neighbor, so you can enter heaven.
Matthew 25:31-40

Christianity is NOT a quick fix doctrine. It works for me is NOT in the Bible.
Tithing is just NOT working! It is not a quick fix, it is not a long fix! It’s just falsehood.

The church is a Money recycler. It doesn’t create money. You do not get rich from the church. You become rich by industrialization

Stop letting teachers of religious law dictate to you.
Read the book of Thomas, it is consistent with the Red Bible. The Red Bible – words of Jesus written in Red in most bibles).

The book of revelations was written to scare people into conformity
When reading your bible, know this, whatever is in the Blood, comes first.

Whatever is in the Red Bible comes first
If you want to enter heaven, you must show mercy to your neighbor
Before you accept any doctrine, do your spiritual bodmas. Test all spirits.

Bible verses
Deuteronomy 29:19
Galatians 2:26
Luke: 12:49
Matthew 25:31
Acts 20:35
2 Thessalonians 3:6

Remain Blessed


One thought on “Excuse me Mr GO who is not going to heaven again?

  1. Adeyemi Olubambo says:

    Mr Ifedayo,

    I congratulate you for being in the category of people i call “liberators” in Nigeria, i am happy to group you with my own personal mentor Fela Anikulapo Kuti, a rare gladiator who spent all his soul to librate Nigerians from the oppressors.
    I do wish to bring to your notice that i feel will be beneficial to you in your calling in the service that you have been called to by our Heavenly Father.
    I am a passionate lover of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, although i do argue with many of the doctrines you do teach, but the holy spirit has testified to me that you are called of God for many souls in Nigeria.
    If it interests you, i do wish to introduce you to some certain doctrines that i feel will help you in your own spiritual development.
    If you receive this email and respond to my email, i will send you a series of audio tapes (via email).
    God bless you.


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