Eli was guilty! You are guilty!

When  you know, but choose to ignore the evil

going on – you are guilty!

It is time to put Ego aside and acknowledge the message of truth.

When you are molested by someone who you have entrusted your salvation to, it becomes a curse.

It is one thing to be broken, another to be damaged and it is grave to be scarred.

An example of Broken is when the headlight of a car is broken and it can be fixed with another headlight.

Damaged is when something is destroyed

Scarred is having to live with the long term effects of the damage

When someone is damaged and scarred, it leads to suffering.

When someone is scarred, they are scarred for life and many women have been scarred for life

Some women allow themselves be damaged because they trust their pastor who in the end turns out to be the abuser

When trust is broken it leaves a scar

99% of the time, the woman gets blamed! You statements like:
• You wore a short skirt!
• Why did you go to his hotel room
• Don’t you know that a pastor can be tempted?

People still base their doctrines on David! When you base your doctrine on David, you forget that you are greater than David!

You are under a new covenant! A covenant that God himself signed with Blood!

We are men of God and no one is greater than us!

We have one chief priest and one chief priest only!

God signed the waiver with blood

We all have equal access to God

No one is so powerful that he can touch any woman inappropriately

A lot of people are damaged when trust is broken

You no longer need a visa to get to God! The waiver was signed in blood

The Free Nation will not leave people in their pain! We I’ll speak up!

Read Malachi Chapter 1

Luke 4:46
Why do you call me Lord, but do not obey my teachings

You call Yahushua Lord but do the opposite of what he tells you.

Matthew 7:21
Only those who do the will of God will enter heaven

1 Samuel 2:12-22
Focus on verse 22
Eli was aware that his sons were doing evil.

There is a curse on pastors who know that evil is being done in churches yet they keep quite

All of you doing nothing to expose the evil happening in many churches, God will judge you for saying nothing.

Read 1 Samuel 2:25
Read 1 Samuel 3:13

1 Corinthians 5:12
Paul condemns spiritual pride

It is our responsibility to judge those in church who are sinning

Any pastor who is sleeping with members of his congregation, who is taking advantage of them belongs to the devil and needs to be handed over to his owner.

Any Eli who looks at anther Eli and sees the sin being done in church, yet chooses to say and do nothing is just as guilty

Remain Blessed

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