DSA and the so called reformers

Do not rebuke one another in ignorance!

By all means, correct one another. But do so in love.

DSA has a message.

But the so called reformers do Not!
They rebuke him in ignorance

DSA was the first to boldly go after the Establishment.

He publicly brought to light the errors of the establishment

The Free Nation is not against DSA, he is our brother.

The followers of pastors of the establishment see them as gods

The only way to shake that mindset is to demystify the power of the person who has been mystified.

The church has used legendary embellishment to turn men into legends

It is time to strip the legend and keep the man

By all means, rebuke, but remember there is no one above the temptation of the devil

Don’t expose yourself. Remain in direct contact with the advocate who will direct your ways

Believe in God and try to worship him in truth and in spirit

Do not allow the humanity in you rebuke the Holy Spirit

Matthew 16:18
“You are Peter, and on the Rock, I will build my church

Matthew 16:5

Matthew 16:13

Peter was the first to have spiritual discernment .
He was the first believer
The first the know Christ was the messiah

Galatians 2:11
While Peter was already an apostle of Christ, while he was named the Rock, “Peter the Rock”

Yet this same Peter was corrected by Paul who never met Christ personally

This simply means there is allowance in the scriptures for us to correct our elders, and it can be done publicly

Galatians 2:11
Paul opposes Peter to his face

There is nothing wrong with public confrontation

There is nothing wrong with disagreement in doctrine

When you are on a path of truth that aligns with the scriptures there is nothing wrong in correcting your elders

Biblical scriptural issues need to be confronted

When Christ rebuked the devil, he rebuked him with superior scripture

If you do not know the scriptures, be careful when you rebuke your elders, so you will not be in sin

No Nigerian pastor or GO is closer to God than you! Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar and a thief

We are told in 1 Peter 2:5
Once you have accepted Christ as your high priest, there is no body above you on this earth

He may have more knowledge than you and that makes him a teacher

He may be able to prophesy more than you and that makes him a prophet

But remember, you are a branch that makes the body whole

The teachers who teach false doctrine are the problem

Caiaphas was the problem of Christ not the common man.
It was he who turned people against Christ

We go after the ones who teach the wrong gospel

Acts 14:8
We all have different gifts
Even as a teacher someone else might have other gifts that I don’t have

Never let anyone deceive you into telling you that they are closer to God than you are

There are many social internet climbers who simply rebuke without knowledge

DSA has a message but you don’t. So you rebuke him in ignorance

Don’t follow blindly. Don’t follow people who call themselves reformers and have nothing to reform

The Free Nation is building shepherds

Don’t be a follow follow!

What happened to the content of your character?

What happened to the depth of your own understanding?

What happened to getting a copy of the scriptures and doing your own investigations?

If your message is based on bringing down another person, you are nothing but a challatan

Remain Blessed

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