Don’t limit yourself

We are supposed to advance not regress.

Are you saying when we come to church we should only use paper bible?

What you don’t understand is that “We are the church”

1 Peter 2:1
Get rid of all evil behavior
Christ is the corner stone and we are the other stones that make up the temple, not a place.

We are the church
Agreed, don’t be distracted when the brethren are gathered

However,Don’t give unnecessary reverence to a building.

We are the church.

No Christian goes to church but we come together.

We have to change our mentality

➡️ We don’t go to church.
We come together as a church. This is possible via technology

➡️ Technological advancement
You can’t easily copy 200 letters on a type writer. We have computers today

➡️ Christ never used the Bible. Books were invented around 1450. We no longer use scrolls.

➡️ Why do you want to use backwardness to worship God

➡️ There was no bible during the time of Christ. Even the books of the Bible as we know them were picked by men. We do not have the original scriptures. What we have are copies of copies

➡️ The closest we have is the Greek manuscript.
NLT is the closest to this.

➡️ Bible is a limiting word and paper is also limiting.
We need to read our scriptures

➡️ When your pastor is preaching, There is a limit in what you can verify while using a paper bible.

We need to embrace technology
We have to look within ourselves.
The word bible is never mentioned in the Bible

Bible is simply a book of books.
Separate the books and read them more in context

We will not advance if we keep holding on to the past.

Remain Blessed


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