Don’t follow the Judas Goat to your slaughter



When a pastor tells you that

If you don’t pay tithes, you will not necessarily go to hell, but you will not have a big crown. RUN and never look back!

Who is your Jesus. The Jesus we know says salvation is free.

Why are so many people still falling for the pigeon drop prank?

The Judas Goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding.

The Judas Goat leads sheep or cattle to a specific destination

The Judas Goat is a betrayer that leads others to the slaughter houses

The Judas Goat is deceptive and makes promises that are false.

Many churches today are being led by the Judas Goat.

People fail to see the slaughter houses but instead focus on the pasture that does not exist

Understand this: There is NO pasture ahead for a doctrine that is anti-christ! The prosperity gospel that most people listen to is anti-Christ

The Judas Goat is specially trained to lead you to the slaughter house

The only shepherd leading you to pasture is Jesus

The Judas Goat will earn your trust, then appeal to your greed

Some pastors will tell you not to ask questions, but to trust them because they have the spirit!
What spirit?

Some will tell You that you have to be clergy to understand spiritual things!
Clergy ordained by whom?

2 Corinthians 4:1
If you read your bible, you will know that there are no crowns for people who make it to heaven.

Grass does not smell like blood

2 Corinthians 4:4
You cannot bribe God with something from this world.

You keep giving your money to a temple ruled by a Judas Goat. You are not giving to God.

God remains infinite

1 Corinthians 9:13
Paul said imitate him preach the gospel as he does it for free.

When will the temples in Nigeria reach a point of saying “Enough?”

1 Corinthians 9:19
Paul went under the law to teach.
Nigerian pastors go under the law to enrich themselves

When a pastor stands on the pulpit and tells you that you will get a crown for paying tithes.. This is a lie and he is distorting the word of God.

The Bible tells us not to trick anyone with the word of God, but this is what these tricksters are doing

2 Corinthians 4:5
The disciples did not go around elevating themselves
Your daddy GO’s and other pastors go about elevating them selves

One GO even tells people to hug his chair so they can receive anointing for favor.

Galatians 2:11
We are encouraged to rebuke one another when one of us is going the wrong way.

We are encouraged to share the true gospel

Peter worked with Jesus
Peter saw Jesus face to face
Peter was called the Rock!

Yet when Peter strayed, Paul rebuked him publicly.

It is okay to confront pastors who are going astray and forcing you to live by the law.
Paying tithes is the Law.

Philippians 3:17
For many pastors, their god is their belly

1 Timothy 6:5
For many Pentecostal pastors, the gospel is a means to financial gain.

How can you compare the kingdom of God to earthly things?

A show of Godliness for them is their means to financial gain.
They are good at motivational speaking and dress well on YOUR dime.

They earn your trust and appeal to your greed

In the end they give you no substantial financial increase. You end up poorer and they go away richer.

The 16th century was the most murderous age for bible translators.

Many of them were burned because they preached freedom.

They wanted people to know the Bible for themselves

The teachers of religious law of the 16th century wanted to keep people in darkness.

They wanted to be the only ones with knowledge of the Bible

In 1960, the US brought politics into the Bible. They did not want people knowing the Bible for themselves

Today 2018, you can legally and easily get a copy of the Bible.

Read for yourselves and stop letting them slaughter your brains and your money.

Remain Blessed

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