Do it yourself

You have created gods out of lesser people

Working with dedication and consistency is what success is about

Over night success takes ten years in planning not someone sitting behind the pulpit telling you that God has blessed him!

No God has not blessed him, you have.

By giving him your 10%!

By giving him your entire one months salary

By you giving him your monetary seeds and offering!

No God has not blessed him! You have! You are your pastors God

If not for you he will not be blessed!

So if you are gods why are you living like servants?

It’s because you have created god’s out of lesser people!

You are worshipping Someone you feed, cloth? Why?

Your pastor should worship you.

God doesn’t bless him with money, but you do!

You bless him with your money which carries no blessings for you

If you want to bless people on earth and get the reward in heaven, do what the scriptures say!

Give to the poor.
Matthew 25:31

You better know that anything you feed is lesser than you!

God said human hands cannot tend to him because he has no needs!

How can you love God that you have not seen if you cannot love your neighbor that you see.

Do it yourself is what many civilized nations do.

Nigerians need to start doing it for themselves

You cannot lead people out of what you want to go and become

Hebrews 10:25
Let us encourage one another.
But note that’s it’s all about encouraging not about not making heaven

Luke 8:40-40
Your faith is more important than the gathering of the brethren

Gathering in a place that messes with your faith is not worth it.

Gathering without faith is worth nothing

Matthew 13:47 – 51
Church cannot save you from wickedness
People go to church but they are wicked, scornful, envious. They do not have Christ in them.

John 4:
What matters is spirit and truth and it is lacking in churches
Spirit and truth go hand in hand

When someone asks you for tithes, it means he does not know the truth so he cannot have the spirit of God!

When someone tells you to raise an altar with money that is satanism, idolatry!

You are better off sitting in your house.

1 Peter 2:5
We are the stones of the temple of God

In Acts 7 Stephen was killed while filled with the Holy Spirit

Acts 8:9
Simon the sorcerer looked like a man of God because he did signs and wonders

People began to believe in the truth of the gospel. Even Simon believed and was baptized

Acts 8:20
Just in the same way peter rebuked Simon when he offered money in exchange for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, every pastor raising an altar of money too will be destroyed

You cannot use money to bribe God

All those pastors who say come and touch my sweat and you will be blessed are already condemned by the Holy Spirit

Even Simon begged for forgiveness

Look at Phillip and the Eunuch, what church did the Eunuch attend?

The woman with the issue of blood, what church did she attend?

Anyone that tells you that you need to go to church to be saved, is a liar. You are the church so save your self! Do it by your self!

2nd Timothy 3:
The dangers of the last days

Colossians 2:20
Some churches practice long fasting, Strong devotion, self denial and severe bodily discipline, but they are still evil

Read Revelation 22:14

Remain Blessed

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