David and Goliath

Reality is not based on illusion! There are basic life


You have paganized, monetized and personalized the scriptures! 

The only thing that makes a doctrine right in Christianity is the scripture 

John 4

We worship God in truth and in spirit 

Ephesians 6:14

We understand the scriptures from a pagan point of view.

Nigerians tend to believe people in the village are trying to kill them.

We should not personalize the scriptures. 

2 Corinthians 4:4 tells us that Satan is the ruler of this earth and he has a grand plan against Christianity.

Christ did not come to earth to protect your father’s land against witches that you believe want to fight you.

Once you start understanding Christ and what he came to do, the easier it will be to prosper.

Non Christians prosper because they follow principles.

Pharaoh was so rich, he owned  things and people including Jacob. That’s why Jacobs sons and grand sons became his slaves. 

Pharaoh worshipped the sun god. He never embraced Joseph’s God. He only acknowledged the power of God. 

The solution to Egypt’s problem was not prayer.

In Genesis we read that Joseph told pharaoh to build store houses.

He did not say build churches.

They kept 20% of the grain in the store houses when they had plenty and they fell back on this when there was less.

Spirituality lasted only with the dream and translation of the dream.

The remaining 14 years was work. 

Reality is not based on illusion.

When a presidential candidate decides to break into a dance declaring that he will win the presidential election:

It is not reality! 

It is not spirituality!

It is not real!

It is an illusion! 

If things happen just because we declare and claim them, then most of us will be sitting like Bill Gates today. 

Joseph did not come out of prison and start claiming and declaring! Joseph went to work  and had results!

So many pastors have deceived and misguided people.

Saying untruths such as:

  • claim it in Jesus name 
  • Receive it in Jesus name
  • Declare it in Jesus name
  • Own it in Jesus name 
  • It is yours in Jesus name
  • My helper will locate me in Jesus name 

These are statements made out of ignorance 

Declarations don’t walk like that!

People have the concept of Christianity and prayer twisted. 

Stop over spiritualizing the basics 

A pagan, a Buddhist, an atheists that plants corn will harvest corn.

The rain falls on everyone regardless of religion.

There are some basic principles of life! 

David and Goliath have nothing to do with Christianity 

1 Samuel 17:12

The story of David & Goliath 

David paraded the head of his enemy. 

This is not what Christianity is about.

God will not give you your enemies head to parade around. 

Read 2 Samuel

17 & 19

The battles with the Philistines never ended even after Goliath was killed.

Sin did not end with Goliath. Your pastors have been lying to you. 

1 chronicles 20:1

David took slaves. People who did not support or believe in him he turned into salves. 

It suites the narrative to say small David defeats big Goliath and people use it all the time for faith and hope. But is this really the case?

2 Samuel 21:16

It is time to view David’s strengths and weaknesses. 

When Goliath was defeated, all his family members came after David

Our faith is Acts 7: 54

This is the representative of a Christian 

  • Stephen saw the Glory of God
  • He saw Christ
  • He saw the heavens open

Stephen  was stoned to death 

Luke 12:14-15

Christ did not come here to burden himself with carnal things 

It is not Christ’s business to divide inheritance

It is not Christ’s business to find you a husband or wife 

Acts 8:1

In this New Testament reading about Stephen is like David of the Old Testament While Saul is Goliath. 

Stephen dies, but Christianity happens to Saul.

According to Christianity God loved both David and Goliath. God loved both Stephen and Saul

Praying for your enemy to die is pagan

God loves your enemy 

God did not come to be a hired assassin, hired by you with your tithes, seeds and offerings.


We are followers of Christ not David

David was a shadow of things to come. 

Your scriptures are based on “man made god in his own image and not “God made man in his own image”

91 million people in poverty is not Christianity 

In Acts 4:32 there were no needy people in the early Christian church 

We are carnal in nature and so we love the way we do. Instead of seeking God in spirit and truth, we reject God and create god that will be carnal like us. 

The scriptures say wear a belt of truth. Your amour is not carnal. Your amour is spiritual. Your battle is spiritual and it is against the forces of darkness NOT witches and wizards. It is against the kingdom of darkness.

John the Baptist only did two noted things. He baptized people and he told the truth. Yet, Christ said he was greater than any prophet that ever lived. 

He lived in the bush not in a palace. 

Matthew 5:43

Christ tells us to love and pray for our enemies 

Pastors have personalized and monetized this scripture 

David did not die on the cross! Christ died on the cross and he gave us a better covenant 

When you pray for your enemy to die, you are Satan’s child 

2 Samuel 21:1

David spared Jonathan’s son but gave all the sons of Merab to be slaughtered 

Luke 23:34

Christ prayed for those who persecuted him

Acts 7:59

Stephen prayed for those who persecuted him

A follower of Christ, he died like Christ his master.

Serve God because you love him. Fight the fight against satanic forces establishing their kingdom on earth. 

Stop fighting against each other 

Remain Blessed 


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