Dark Confusion

Don’t become a pun in other people’s agenda.

When people are trying to push an agenda, it leads to a new narrative.

Romans 1:21
There is a god in Nigeria today that Christ does not recognize

There is a Jesus in Nigeria today that Mary (mother of Christ) does not recognize

If Mary Magdalene saw Nigeria’s version of Christ she will not recognize him.

We have become dark and we have become confused.

Nigerian Christians have chosen the man made Jesus over Yahushua

Our hypocrisy is on another level
We have chosen to hate people from a certain part of the country.

This hatred has come about in part with pastors chasing after their own agenda, preaching a Mammon gospel.

If you do what Christ instructed, if you believe him and follow him, even if you don’t go to church, don’t pray, don’t commune with brethren, you will make heaven faster than the religious leaders.

When Christ says “Pray for your enemies” but your Pastor says “pray for your enemy to die”
Obviously that pastor is not following Christ.

You cannot buy the Holy Spirit with money. You cannot buy the Holy Spirit with seeds and offering.

Pastors push the Mammon agenda, they have watered down people’s brains.

Pastors teach money instead of forgiveness. They don’t teach the message of Christ.

We are not at the level of Christianity that Christ expects us to be.

How many of us can honestly turn the other cheek when we are attacked?

Are you ready to absorb real Christianity?

1 John 1:8
“If we claim we have no sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth.”
1 John 1:8 – NLT

John 8:1-11
This woman was caught in the act of adultery. (John 8:3)
She was put in front of the crowd
Christ did not condemn her.

Nigerians are so superstitious they kill birds and owls and call them evil. The level of ignorance we exhibit is because of our religious teachers.

There is a Jesus that they have taught us and he is a political tool

John 3:17

What gospel are we listening to? Is it a gospel of vengeance?
A song of David?

If David could save the world, we will never have needed Christ.

Before David, there was Rahab. Before Rahab, there was Moses and Joshua.
But now we have Yahushua.

John 3:34
Are you ready to listen to the one who carries the word of God?

John 5:38
His words have refused to abide in you because you don’t believe.

You call yourself a pastor, a gospel singer but you have no ties with Christ.

You don’t believe or practice what he says.

You are still buying anointing oil, swimming in the church swimming pool believing you will get healing. Paying your pastors for the Holy Spirit.
You are not being a Christian

Luke 6:46
You shout and sing Lord, but you wouldn’t do what Christ our lord said you should do.

Can we be Christians for once, love our neighbor for once?

If you are not ready to love, you cannot call your self a Christian.

If you don’t know how to love, you are not a Christian.

“Don’t rejoice when your enemies fall; don’t be happy when they stumble.”
Proverbs 24:17 – NLT

Remain Blessed

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