Daddy Freeze writes about the controversial healing of an Owerri slay Queen. Blames the church for dispensing lies!

According to the leader of the FreeNation; “Medical science is the greatest miracle mankind received from God himself. And it has healed more people in one year, than all the religions in the world put together, since their inception.

Small pox was so great a killer, that at one time it was worshiped as a ‘god’. Shrines for ‘sopana’ as it is called in yorubaland still exist to this very day, yet through medical science, it has been totally eradicated.

Prayers couldn’t eradicate small pox, religion couldn’t either, worshiping the disease was equally useless, but the miracle from God himself called medical science, totally eradicated smallpox.

My dad is in his mid 70s. He has been diabetic for over 35 years. With medical science and proper diet management, he has managed the chronic disease for this long. He still runs two hospitals and drives himself daily.

However, ALL, and I mean ALL of his counterparts who employed prayers and deliverance to deal with diabetes are dead, all of them. Yet he survived through a miracle we ignore, while we search for magic.

While we are here praying for malaria to be healed by sorcery, Tu Youyou, a Chinese scientist was awarded a Nobel Prize in medicine in 2015, for her discovery of Artemisinin, back in 1972 and for effectively using it to combat malaria.

Tu Youyou has healed more people than all the churches in the world put together. Malaria kills an estimated 1million people every year, with 90 percent of the cases occurring in sub Saharan Africa. If Youyou lives in Nigeria ‘lazy youths’ would be worshiping her as a god.

The last mad person healed by a mega church is back at the same junction in Port Harcourt, were he was taken from. The church service is over, cattle have been fooled, Money has parted hands and the poor mad man is back to his insanity.

Yet I know a man who has suffered from mental health problems who became a self made billionaire, a millionaire in every known human currency. This could not have been possible without the miracle of medical science.

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The slaymama that ran mad after being dropped from a car, last night, in Imo State, has allegedly been delivered by a pastor

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