Daddy Freeze writes about Ghanaian pastor who somersaulted after his customer won lottery Money.

They say never underestimate the power of fools in large numbers.

If your pastor is this excited about money shouldn’t you worry?🙄

Although gambling isn’t expressly forbidden in Christianity, unlike in Islam, where it is considered haram, it isn’t something God encourages either.

In the #FreeNation doctrine, gambling is placed in a zone called the ‘Christian Grey’ where it resides with fellow Grey area issues like smoking, masturbation or having a concubine. These issues were never expressly condemned, but never expressly accepted by the scriptures either.

Take the example of having a concubine for instance; Abraham, David and Solomon, among many others had concubines and in NO instance was their behavior considered immoral. God even at one instance, while scolding David for killing Bathsheba’s husband, told him that if he had wanted more women he should have simply asked instead of going ahead to kill a man and snatch his wife.

[2 Samuel 12:8].

In the New Testament, never for once was having a concubine expressly condemned, what Jesus and the disciples outrightky condemned was prostitution (πορνείᾳ) ‘pornea’, adultery (μοιχᾶται) ‘moichatai’ and men who have sex with men (ἀρσενοκοῖται) ‘arsenokoitai’.

Does the #FreeNation encourage having concubines, of course not! We encourage equality among the genders of our members and a man having 2 women cannot connote equality, so if a man must have a concubine, his wife must know about it, and must be able to have a concubine as well.

Also, I personally believe in and propagate only monogamous unions.

Now, in my opinion, since gambling and having concubines are placed in the same ‘grey’ area, praying for betting numbers is like asking God for a side chick, sorry; won’t work bro!😂

We won’t beat u up for either, but neither will you get a pat of encouragement from us for them.

So when a pastor prays for a ‘betting number’ I worry🙁


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2 thoughts on “Daddy Freeze writes about Ghanaian pastor who somersaulted after his customer won lottery Money.

  1. Kayode says:

    Dear Daddy Freeze,
    I am a detached and a distant observer (admirer) of your messages. Having listened to you, I think I have heared enough to conclude that you are indeed on of the real McCoy, if I may use this term.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Finally I wish to thank you and Pastor Sunday Adelaja for confirming to me through your messages that I am not insane. Thank you, thank U and God bless.

  2. njabulo majola says:

    Sir I am freed by your teachings, you are sent from above for sure. I think you made me realize that the so called churches are not relevant to what God wants us to do, and they keep on enslaving people morem Thanks for your positive intervention God bless you.

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