Daddy Freeze responds to Apostle Suleiman on the controversial tithing subject.

Here is Daddy Freeze response:

Dear apostle Suleiman, the leader of the #FreeNation greets you and brings glad tidings.

It would have gladdened my heart profoundly, and done the body of Christ much eminence, if you had shed some scriptural light on the tithing issue, as against going down the well worn path of sentimental and emotional blackmail, your ‘elders’ have familiarized us with.

In 2017, Nigerian Pentecostal Christianity can no longer lean on the seemingly weak foundations it was established upon, as the numbers are clearly not adding up, hence the need for the #FreeTheSheeple movement to be birthed, to question conventional wisdom and challenge obtuse doctrines.

You made a statement that I found quite disheartening. According to you, “The GO corrected a wrong notion and I dared to respond to him.” Let me ask you, is he God? Or do I look like those people kissing, worshiping and hugging his empty chair as seen in that forlorn video that went viral?

With all accorded respect sir, I have EVERY RIGHT, to demand an explanation for a doctrine that is evidently not in symphony with the teachings of Christ, or in synchrony with Biblical scripture.

Therefore, until either you, or anyone else provides conclusive biblical clarification, for why your churches collect tithe, despite the glaring contradiction that your first teachers and pastors, the 12 disciples and the churches they set up never did, this matter would linger.

About the debate you have suggested I’m all up for it, let’s communicate the venue and have this addressed once and for the last time.

I do extend my utmost regards and kind considerations. ~FRZ

Daddy Freeze was responding to a sermon by Apostle Suleiman that went as follows:

”You have no right to attack a pastor on church issue”- Apostle Suleman replies Daddy Freeze, speaks on tithing controversy

The President of the Omega Fire Ministries worldwide (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman, has lent his voice to the burning issue on tithing stoked by an OAP, Daddy Freeze.

Below is his reaction during a church service; “Let it be clear that if anyone is not a pastor, he has no right to attack a pastor on church issue. He should leave everything to God. I only laugh. Somebody who is not a doctor cannot teach a certified doctor how to go about doing his job; he will just be laughed at. Someone who is not a journalist can’t teach a true journalist how he should do his work; they will just be laughing at him.
I wouldn’t have spoken on the issue but you don’t argue with a man whose mind is already made up on any issue. It is futile. And I’m not going to confuse anybody to pay tithe, no. if you attend my church and you decide not to pay tithe, it’s left to you. In my church they don’t pay me allowance. I live on my personal businesses and I write books. So far, I have written 52 books that are inspirational and I’m still writing. If you write books that are inspirational, believers and non-believers will buy. It is not as if it is only church members that buy pastors’ books. That alone is enough to sustain any pastor. So, you don’t just jump to criticize any pastor for buying private jets of expensive cars because you think it is tithe that they use to buy them.
If you asked me, there is nothing wrong with tithing. But tithes should be used by pastors to maintain Christianity, assist the poor in the church, the vulnerable and the stranded. Not that everything should go into the pastor’s pocket, that’s wrong. Every pastor should be on allowance.
That young man does not deserve a response; in fact, I’m not talking because of him but because my Papa, Pastor Adeboye had spoken, I’m speaking on the issue. Now, if it requires that we go into a debate, let’s have it. Yes, your tithe is not a license to make heaven but it is an acknowledgment of God’s mercy in your life….. source- Lindaikejis blog.

7 thoughts on “Daddy Freeze responds to Apostle Suleiman on the controversial tithing subject.

  1. Mordecai Uka Dike says:

    I’ve not heard any preachers preaching about the “TITHE FOR THE POOR”:…….. “At the end of every three years you are to take all the tithe of your produce from that year and store it in your towns. Then the Levi, because he has no share or inheritance like yours, along with the foreigners, the orphan and the widow living in your towns, will come, eat and be satisfied — so that Adonai your God will bless you in everything your hands produce. (Deuteronomy 14:28-29)

  2. Idonoteguono Famous says:

    I don’t see any thing wrong in appreciating God for the good deeds he has done in your life as individual and your family in general by up larging to paying your title to God through his representatives on earth. I think we need to harken to God’s command. Mal 3vs 10, He said, u are robing me if you don’t pay your title to me. My only plead to God’s representatives on earth is that they should use the titling proceeds well to take good care of the less privileges.

  3. Anonymous says:

    robing the tithe wasnt the people but the priest who were not taking it to the store house but for them selves the last verse of deut 14 show us it all

  4. akin Ody says:

    Absolutely the scriptures in Malachi is directed at the priests, its been taken out of context,Christians should read their bible, Malachi Chaper 2 is very instructive,we attempt to make nonsense of the grace available through the death of Jesus Christ by the misguided reference to a curse for non payment of Tithes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sule has no biblical point to support his noisy statement. daddy freeze god is with you, one with God is majority.

  6. Hugh says:

    How does one become an apostle? Am hearing titles such as apostle, prophet, bishop, god (spelt with common “g”, etc.) Must these people exalt themselves? The title “thief” is a much better fit for tithe touting pastors fleecing their flocks.

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