Daddy Freeze Believes Nigeria CANNOT #RaiseATrophy at Russia!

Our pastors have come again o. I just read a story where a Pastor said Nigeria will win the World Cup in Russia. My people, what kind of outrageous prophecy is this? How can a so-called man of God say that the Nigerian team that is made up of average players will win the World Cup? For me, Nigeria cannot #RaiseATrophy at Russia!

One thought on “Daddy Freeze Believes Nigeria CANNOT #RaiseATrophy at Russia!

  1. Ganja Seed says:

    hahahahahaha If Nigeria gets to quarter final you hear many prophecy from J.B Joshua and Appostle Suleman and the rest of their cohort many assertions, but for now its too risky to prophecy except the minor prophet can make noise for now the major prophets and coming with their own predictions.

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