Covid19: Be More Careful About The “Infodemic” Than The Pandemic


The infodemic might end up destroying more than the pandemic if we don’t nip it in the bud.

Put an end to the spread of false messages and misleading stories via WhatsApp.

Let’s all employ these methods:

1: Send out a stern warning to those sending you unverified claims, if they do not desist, block them.

2: Send out a broadcast message to all your WhatsApp contacts warning them that unverified claims and conspiracy theories that cause panic and encourage riots, attacks and vandalism will not be tolerated.

3: Remove members who send unverified news to WhatsApp groups you belong to, if you can’t, please leave the group to break the chain.

We all know what happened during the xenophobia riots in Lagos, many people were injured a life was lost, while lots of property were looted and destroyed in the process.

This started when people began circulating as fresh news, old images, and videos via WhatsApp, creating unnecessary and senseless tension.

The consequences of spreading false information are very dire, don’t become a victim of your own ignorance.


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