Corona Virus: The Conspiracy About 5G Debunked



The conspiracy theory zombies are far worse than the church zombies.

These are paranoid delusions and mild psychosis manifesting as being ‘woke’.

Really, our greatest enemy is ourselves! Even those who gave Africans their religion are begging them not to be foolish.

Rome is closed, Israel is closed, Mecca is closed but Nigerians want to open their worship centers.

Your stupidity is what will destroy our land, not a vaccine. Stop listening to conspiracy theorists, fake pastors, and fake reformers as well as brain dead buffoons.

Many of you are alive today because of the vaccines you took as children. A good number of those whose parents rejected vaccines for religious reasons are either dead or crippled by diseases like polio.

Ultimately, the ‘covid’ will eventually get a vaccine; the “idiots” never will. Medical science offers therapy, medicine, and vaccines for diseases, never for benightedness.


One thought on “Corona Virus: The Conspiracy About 5G Debunked

  1. Leechy Endy says:

    FRZ, I have always had my regards for you for your objectivity and boldness in calling a spade so, but, I must say that I am a bit worried at the choice of words here which is unbecoming of a guy that cuts the impression of civility and nobility. No body sets out abinitio to take a stupid position or else you are saying they are intrinsically stupid and I don’t think in all honesty that this is the case. You may have an understanding they don’t have, please could you be a bit more gracious and understanding. The Bible which you quite copiously allude to, even though you are not in the mold of regular ‘Men of God’ advises us to correct one taken in a fault with humility , lest you also be tempted. I advise you to always present a a superior and more convincing argument and leave it there and avoid name calling.Opinions will always gravitate around persuasion and convincing superior Ideas and information.One love.

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