Corona Virus: My Reaction Towards The Unrest Following Lockdown In Nigeria



I’m struggling to empathize with people who won’t obey simple instructions.🙄 The government is doing you a favor in my opinion, protecting you from yourself.

If we had locked the borders on time, we wouldn’t have needed a lockdown and if we obey this lockdown the government won’t need to have it extended.

Stay at home to flatten the curve. If you don’t and this strategy doesn’t work in 2 weeks, it will be increased further and enforced more harshly.

I saw stupidity first hand in a supermarket in VI yesterday, where people were fighting to buy bread 🍞

No masks, no social distancing, forgetting the paucity of ventilators in this country.

With over 100 cases and 2 deaths in Nigeria so far, I can’t believe people are still being superstitious about this, failing to adhere to simple laid down instructions.


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