Corona Virus: My Reaction To Nigerians And Our Political Leaders

I warned Nigerians. Many of our political leaders are selfish and clueless.

Many of our religious leaders are greedy and wicked…

The false version of Christianity many Nigerians swear by has failed us. The real Christianity preaches love, the false one preaches money and material things. Love could have saved us, material things failed us.

The funds that should have been used for factories, hospitals and schools were wasted on useless, senseless temples.

The people refused to listen, instead, they put their hopes in a false god and the cutpurses that call themselves his prophets while ignoring the real God and his true prophets, warning of the impending catastrophe.

Now we all suffer, we all have to drink panadol for the headaches of those who refused to heed our wisdom.

It’s a big shame!


One thought on “Corona Virus: My Reaction To Nigerians And Our Political Leaders

  1. Ibrahim Daniju says:

    Many Nigerians are still Slaves with Invisible shackles on them . I hope one day Nigerians will be Free and be blessed with more sense . Instead of the to do the will of the Most High , They busy following White mans way . Instead of they True Origins.

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