Controlling the Narrative -My response to the Ynaija text

Ynaija, why are you so worried? Is there more to this


Obviously Ynaija does not know the meaning of the term!

Daddyfreeze does not owe any explanation to Ynaija about his future intentions to interview anyone.

So Ynaija, should WE be worried? Is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Why shouldn’t we have this interview?

This post is part 2.
Read the previous post to understand the text Ynaija sent and Daddyfreezes’ response.

This issue with Busola and Biodun was brought to the court of public opinion.

Everybody needs to be heard.

We are blessed with cognitive ability. It is time for all of us to think this through.

Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Daddyfreeze is a scripture teacher and so let everybody be heard

Why should there be an issue if Daddyfreeze wants to grant Biodun Fatoyinbo an interview?

Daddyfreeze platform is pure and fair and open to both Busola and Biodun

Daddyfreeze does not know any of the parties personally, but it’s his belief and that of The Free Nation that both parties must be heard.

Why is this interview an issue?

Someone (Biodun) is in the news and he needs to he heard regardless of the outcome.

What happened with innocent until proven guilty?

Daddyfreeze is accountable to the public. So why would he want to “control the narrative?”

Seems more like YNaija are the ones “controlling the narrative”

For those who continue to question Daddyfreeze and Tastebudz about allegations, both Daddyfreeze and Tastebudz welcomed their EXs to come forward

Now, let’s dissect Ynaija’s text message to Daddyfreeze:

Why is Ynaija reporting about an interview that has not yet happened?

Shouldn’t they wait until after the interview to make reports?

So will Ynaija make an issue out of everyone that Daddyfreeze wants to grant an interview to?

Something smells fishy. Why are you reporting on what hasn’t occurred?

Ynaija talks about a series of plans! Are they now the planning committee?

Clearly stated on Daddyfreeze biography is “scripture teacher”
This remains his unbiased position.

Remain Blessed

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