Conspirators of Evil


Sorrow will consume your joy if

you don’t speak up and do something! Action is required! stop being a conspirator to evil.

πŸ’£ Conspirator means a person who takes part in a conspiracy, a traitor, illegal practice.

πŸ’£ The perpetrators of evil are different from the conspirators of evil

πŸ’£ The perpetrators are the ones that do evil
The conspirators are the ones that agree to the evil

πŸ’£ You can be and an active and / or a passive conspirator

πŸ’£ The active conspirators and the ones who do not perpetrate the evil, but they encourage it

πŸ’£ The passive conspirators are the ones who are not active, but are doing nothing to stop it

πŸ’£ Mary Slessor got up and said she will no longer allow the killing of twins! The perpetrators were the ones who said go ahead and kill twins. The passive conspirators did nothing

πŸ’£ Until you become like Mary slessor and you stand up to the evil you are a conspirator of the evil.

πŸ’£ Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm is a conspiracy to evil and you will be judged for it

πŸ’£ Thou shall not judge pastors, you are a conspirator to evil and you will be judged for it. Nigeria is getting poorer while we pray.

πŸ’£ Some people said we should pray and fast for three days! These were the same people fighting over cash gifts from the president less than two months ago! Pray for what? So we can become conspirators of evil?

πŸ’£ How can we be praying this much and dying this much? Nigeria has more people Dying than in Syria that are in a civil war

πŸ’£ Stop covering up evil! Nigeria does not need prayers! We need Action! We need Questions! We need to Love one another!

πŸ’£ Stop celebrating chickens that are still eggs

πŸ’£ Football cannot unite us because we do not love ourselves

πŸ’£ Usain Bolt practiced in a wind tunnel. There is a science behind his success
Nigerians go unprepared! Then we say β€œthey have tried”

πŸ’£ A sporting game cannot unify Nigeria

Hebrews 5:7-10

πŸ’£ All of you calling Guru maharaj an occultist are in no position to talk. You go the your shrines you call church and you worship your GO’s chair! You buy combs from your GO and comb your hair for blessings! You buy brooms to sweep out demons! You go to the church shrine to look at your GO’s wand! So if you are calling someone an occultist!!! You are the occult!

πŸ’£ If The Free Nation does not come out and speak the truth then we too will become conspirators of evil.

πŸ’£ Perpetrators- Bring on the evil
Active conspirators – Cheer them on
Passive conspirators – Just look and say nothing
All of the above are guilty

πŸ’£ Sometimes speaking against the evil is not enough. You need to act.

πŸ’£ A perpetrator, active conspirator or passive conspirator, if you do not act you will all go down together

πŸ’£ Nigeria became poor and poorer because we kept quite.
Prayer and anointing is not helping us.

πŸ’£ Even among pagans there is power, but among Christians it is all about money.

πŸ’£ Even the tithes you pay, thinking that things will not be tight! It is not working.

πŸ’£ The new strategy pastors are peddling is that there will be poverty around you but it will not come near you. What a load of lies!

πŸ’£ If you don’t take care of the poor among you, they will become a thorn in your flesh and they will be the ones to rob you.

πŸ’£ Taking care of the poor among us reduces the crime rate.

πŸ’£ Don’t fall for the Elijah selfishness!
The woman never ran out of oil. While the rest of the world was in farming, she was well taken care of.
Jesus came to change all that selfishness!

Acts 4:32
All the believers were united in heart and mind. And they felt that what they owned was not their own, so they shared everything they had.
Acts 4:32 – NLT

πŸ’£ The Christianity of the Bible had no poverty but the Christianity of Nigeria is surrounded by poverty because we are giving to the apostles to buy watches, cars, Jets and so forth instead of giving to the poor.

πŸ’£ If you think God is going to protect you because you are paying tithes…. think again.
First, by paying tithes you have put yourself under the curse! The only god to protect you is the god of Mammon because you believe your money can protect you. There is a price to pay.

πŸ’£ There is a blessing and a curse of poverty.

πŸ’£ When you remove people from poverty, you will be blessed!
When you are a conspirator to poverty, you will be caused because the needy that you have neglected will come for what you have

πŸ’£ Nations with high poverty have high crime. More poverty is more crime.
Start to remove people from poverty so we will not be conspirators to evil.

πŸ’£ Take the money from the hands of the clergy and put it in the hands of the needy.

πŸ’£ Daddyfreeze predicted about a year ago that Nigeria was sinking into deep poverty.

πŸ’£ His solution to stop this was to establish the TAP challenge.
Tithe against poverty challenge
Simply meaning everyone was responsible for taking one person out of poverty.

πŸ’£ Nigeria did not listen! Instead people continued to pray, fast, pay first fruits, go for hallelujah challenge. And here we are today, the poorest nation in the world.

πŸ’£ Sorrow will consume your joy! The time to rise is now. We have fallen into poverty.

πŸ’£ Let us reverse and do it right. Look for someone and remove them out of poverty today.
Let us make this trend happen

Remain Blessed

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