Reno Omokri says: Popularity is not Authority

Because it is popular does not mean it is right.

Reno has raised valid points from the position of being a scholar

The shortened form of Yahushua is Yeshu’a

The Free Nation is going deeper in revelation and understanding

One thing we agree on is that the name Jesus is not the same as Yahushua

2 Timothy 3:12
Too often believers equate popularity with authority

It is impossible to teach the true word of God and be popular

When God qualifies you, he equips you.

When you are given the authority you are given the equipment.

We are expected to be guided into God’s wisdom.

But because we refuse to let go of our preferences, we have become stuck in a neither here nor there realm

If you have the truth, if he said his name is Yahushua, why are you still holding onto Jesus?

There is nothing in the name “Jesus” except your sentimental attachments
His name is Yahushua

People perish because of lack of knowledge

Yahushua is the real deal. Jesus was invented

Do away with what we were taught in error.

Let’s go back to the basics

2 Timothy 3:12
He has been referred to in Aramaic (the language he spoke) as Yahushua

You can’t know me if you don’t know my name
How do you know me if you don’t know my name?

You can’t know someone if you are following their nickname

The book of Acts shows that there is no name given to us under heaven through which salvation comes

The scriptures show us that people were using his name to cast out demons. It certainty was not “Jesus” because the Aramaic language does not have the letter “J”
The name used to cast our demons was Yahushua or Yeshu’a

Mental and spiritual laziness is what makes people settle for the name Jesus

Let your conscience be your greatest judge

Remain Blessed

Flesh and Blood

In 2019, they deported “Jesus” from Kenya.

It is for their benefit that Religious teachers Keep you ignorant.

Matthew 4:4 (Reference Deuteronomy 8: 3)

John 6:55-56

John 6:66

Another known pastor who staged miracles was released and you find people jubilating and celebrating his release

I will not be part of the tsunami of ignorance

There is a difference between buying a product and a trademark

Christ told his disciples unless they ate his flesh and drank his blood they wouldn’t make it, but they did not understand.

John 4:13- 22, 26

Your reception of knowledge will go a long way in cutting your chains of ignorance

Some people do not understand the value of anything they cannot eat

Ignorance is suicide. Replace your ignorance with knowledge

Christ died so we can be set free

The flesh of Christ is the word of God

When you feed on his flesh you study the word of God

You cannot be a Christian without studying the word of God

The knowledge of salvation is in the word

When a white man comes to Kenya and they tell you he is Jesus, and you believe.
It’s not their fault, it is your fault.

Declare today “I will not be part of the tsunami of ignorance sweeping across mankind”

Remain Blessed