Burnt Again

Born Againism is the new religion! Filled with tales,

stories and lies

We hear sayings like:
🔴 If you are not born again you can’t enter the kingdom of heaven!

John 3:16
If you don’t believe what Christ says about earthly things, how then can you believe heavenly things?

Believing in Christ doesn’t mean everyone should makes a religion out of him

What does religion really mean.

The dictionary definition is that it is a noun:
It means the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods.

Many scholars have failed to agree on any one definition

An article talked about 10 sure signs that you have a religious spirit: Man made efforts that utilizes works to Please God

🔴 Judge other people by their appearance
🔴 You try to earn God’s love and salvation by paying tithes, sowing seeds and so forth
🔴 You try to conform to outward holiness without an inward transformation
🔴 You try to criticize other people’s walk with God
🔴 Your closest Christian activities are only based on ministry activities
🔴 You perform Christian duties with no passion for God
🔴 You desire position and honor in the church more than honor from God
🔴 You know the truth of Jesus (Christ) but not the way of Jesus (Christ)

Let’s examine the way of Christ.
When you hear “way” you think about: Path, direction, road, method, mode etc.

Imagine Christ is a road, imagine Christ is the express way to God.

Imagine that you are on that path, siting on the side of the road, for three years, can you say you are on the path to Christ? Yes you can!

But can you say you are on the way to God? The answer is No!

You might be on the path, on the way, going no where if you are not using the way for what it was meant for.

Christ is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through Christ.

Through Christ means you have to go through Christ.

Christ did not say we should make a Religion out of him. Christ did not tell us to sing and dance to get to God. This is not the way we go through him.

Christ is a path through which you get to God.

But instead, you have turned him into a path where you practice your religions

John 14:1

How did a way become a religion? Christ is the way, not a religion!

We have turned what was meant to be a road into a religion

John 14:5
The disciples were talking about the way, and the way is Christ

Christ is the way!

What do you do to get on the way?

Not any of the following: Getting on a bus, running, sleeping

The only way to be on the way to Christ is to obey. This is the way to proceed on the way.

Matthew 25:31
Talks about the final judgement
All nations in the world will
Be judged

Christ said the way to him is through the poor, if you are neglecting the poor, you are a fool

If Christ said the way to him is through forgiveness, love even your enemies, if you are praying for your enemies to die, you are going on a way in the opposite direction of God.

John 14:15
Christ gave us a commandment to love our enemies

A bunch of clowns gather in temple every Sunday and pray for their enemies to die by fire!
They deceive themselves and think they are on their way to Christ

If Christ said love your enemies, and you hate those enemies, you are not on they way to God through Christ.

The best formula is:
🔴 Love Christ, obey him
🔴 Love God
🔴 Love your neighbor

This is what you have turned born again into.
🔴 You have turned born again into not wearing earrings
🔴 You have turned born again into not drinking alcohol
🔴 You have turned born again into singing and praying all night

But you forget that you cannot be on Christ’s path if you don’t have love

You are going no where, simply making a lot of noise and creating a lot of activity but going no where.

John 11:25
Believing in Christ is not a religion.

Many of you have turned believing in Christ into worshiping Christ. This is a totally different thing.

By believing in Christ, it means you are listening to his message

You can believe in The Free Nation without worshipping the free nation

Christ said believe in me. He never said worship me

Colossians 3:
You will share in all the glory of Christ if you believe

Being born again is believing in Christ and not the practice of any religion

Stop being religious
All religion does is create a separation between you and God! God is love but you are religious

Remain Blessed

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