Born on the Cross

The savior is not the messenger. The savior is the


John 1:1
“In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
John 1:1 – NLT

You want the person but not the way of Christ.

Christ did not come to be worshipped. He came to show us the way. But you don’t follow his ways.

I have an opportunity to be saved because someone was born on the cross.

Romans 1:27

They knew who God was but because their minds were so dark and confused, they preferred to think of ideas born in their own intellect and began to label those ideas as though they were God.

Matthew 27:50

The question asked this week was “Who killed Christ?”

The answer is this “No one killed Christ. They killed Yahushua. Christ was born on the cross. There was no Christ without the crucifixion. It was the crucifixion that fulfilled the promise

Matthew 27:43-44

Matthew 26:39
The sacrifice of Christ was so heavy, even he reconsidered going to the cross.

Christ questioned God and said, “If it is possible” Even though the scriptures say with God all things are possible, this wasn’t possible. Christ had to go to the cross.

If Christ did not go to the cross, we would never have been saved.

The birthday of Christ is of no significance. It achieved nothing until he took the cup of suffering.

Celebrating his birthday is pagan.

It is pagan when we try to remember him here on earth as human instead of remembering the suffering and sacrifice.

Colossians 2:14
The birth of Christ as we traditionally understand it is not what saved us.

His resurrection is not a celebration party. We do this because we are pagan at heart.

Colossians 3:11
“In this new life” This statement signifies these was an old life. In this new life the old law does not matter. Christ is all that matters and he lives in us all.

No body preaches to you about Christ, they simply show you the Christ that is in you.

What a good preacher is supposed to do is show you Christ that is already in you.
Christ is all that matters and he lives in us all.

Galatians 5:6
What is important is faith expressed through love

In the old law circumcision meant a great deal. Today it has no meaning.

Hero worship: To admire someone excessively.
Putting someone on a pedestal

Christ was not a hero and can never be a hero unless you are saved.

If you are not saved all you are doing is hero worship.

Christ has failed if you don’t know how to love.
Christ has failed if you don’t know the essence of his death on the cross.

Most people worship Christ in error.

Today worship God and obey Christ.

Christ did not come to the world to be worshipped.

His mother Mary is not to be worshipped.

If all you can get from his death on the cross is to worship him, then his death is in vain.

Luke 6:46

Christ came to tell us what to do, we are to follow Christ. But instead we have chosen to worship him.

Christ did not ask us to worship him. All we are asked to do is follow the message.

The word was with God and the word was God.

We are to worship the word by following and obeying the word.

They will not tell you the truth about the word because they will be broke. They would rather lie to you and collect your money and give you songs filled with empty words.

Matthew 7:21
The will of the Father is for you to obey his son

James 1:22

Be doers of the words and not hearers only, otherwise you are deceiving yourself

They tell you Jesus is the way. So are you following a person or a path.

If they tell you Christ is the way, it means he is a path NOT a person.

But people only want the person of Christ not the way of Christ

When Lazarus was resurrected, he continued to live among us on earth

When Christ was resurrected, he had to ascend

Matthew 25:31

Why do you think even with all the anointing, the disciples were still killed?

It is time to be doers of the word and not hearers only

Galatians 5:1
You cannot make yourself right with Christ by keeping the law

Hebrews 9:1-9
There is no place to worship God here on earth except the temple he created – we are the temple God has created

The church is not the house of God. It is just a house

It is not the sanctuary of God, it is just a building.

We are the only temple

The old covenant needed a house because it was based here.

The new covenant does not need a house

Matthew 27:50
The day the spirit of Yahushua was set free was the day we were saved

Mark 15:38
Luke 23:45

Hebrews 9:3
It is no longer the most high place because the curtains have been torn

The old covenant had an ark , the new covenant has a spirit

Romans 9:1
NLT is the Bible that explains the truth in the gospel

Abraham’s physical descendants are not necessarily the children of God.

Only the children of the promise are considered God’s children

Matthew 5:43
1 Peter 2:5
We are human children but spiritual sons

Anyone who thinks that the David and Goliath story has anything to do with Christianity is uninformed

As a Christian, The fulfillment of the promise lies in that spirit that was released on the cross

Stop worshipping the messenger. The message is the word and the word is God

Remain Blessed


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