Bill Gates Is Not The Anti-Christ


Bill Gates isn’t the antichrist, your ignorance is….

The funny thing is, without the groundbreaking work of @thisisbillgates, preaching the Gospel online today would have been impossible!

I broadcast my show on @nigeriainfofmlagos via Skype, owned by Microsoft, which was founded by Gates, while my kids attend online school daily using Microsoft teams.

Bill Gates foundation has algorithms for extracting transmission rates for endemic and epidemic diseases, generated from data used in the eradication of polio in Nigeria and also Ebola. These network models are used around the World. This explains why he is more sought after than your pastor is; HE HAS A TRACK RECORD!

The more an organisation knows about epidemic/infectious diseases; that is the more data they have, the better the predictive power of these models.

So, international organisations that have done a lot of work in infectious diseases in Africa can be very helpful, not only in exploits like contact tracing, but also in providing the technology needed to eradicate pathogens.

Check those calling him the antichrist. They tell you to pray for your enemies to die, which is an antichrist prayer, that goes against the teachings of Christ in Matthew 5:44.

The most amusing part is when the benighted simians that follow them attempt to use their pastor’s twisted logic to disqualify the words of the living God in scripture.

The antichrist would tell you to pay your entire January salary as first fruit, disqualifying the finished work of Christ on the cross and dethroning him from being the first fruit from the grave

(1st Corinthians 15:20).

Don’t pay tithe to the poor and the sick, you must pay tithes to the church (going against Matthew 25:31-41).

The list of antichrist doctrines in today’s ‘church’ is endless, while the pulpits are congested with unhinged prosimians, preaching their deranged and deluded doctrines; products of their fertile imaginations and superstitious absurdity.

There is more Christ in Bill Gates than in most of your pastors, while there is less antichrist in Satan, than in today’s ‘church’🙄

Mark 7:7


‘They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.’


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