Benny Hinn and The Prosperity Preaching

Sow a seed! Give an offering! God loves a cheerful

giver! Don’t miss your blessing! 

Many of you have heard them in your churches.

Prosperity is not a vaccine!

The prosperity doctrine is not for Christians.

The Nigerian Christian blames the devil for everything.

Most people don’t understand the scriptures in depth.

They remain shallow in their thinking. The message of the scriptures is one of depth not surface thinking.

You have to think and reason as you read the scriptures

The scriptures began with the words of Christ. We are Christians

Genesis is a history book that helps us understand the foundation

Every block has to be connected to the foundation

Our foundation is Christ, he is the son of God. He is the bearer of the word of God.

The scriptures have old and new covenant sayings and actions.

The New covenant words of Christ are the bedrock of Christianity.

As Christians we follow Christ NOT Moses and NOT David

If Christ is silent on a matter, but Paul says it, even if Moses or David said the opposite, we pick Paul’s sayings over theirs because of the hierarchy of the scriptures.

What ever we use from the old covenant must rest on the foundation of the new covenant.

1 Peter 2:5

Christ is the stone upon which the temple is built. It is not physical but spiritual

The old covenant was good and used as long as it was needed

The moment it expired, it started to pollute the system for everyone.

No country can stand up today and say that religion solves their problems

Christ did not come to preach religion. He came as a sacrificial lamb to show us the way.

We use the way, we go through the way, to our destination. We follow Christ to our destination

Matthew 5 says we should love our enemies

Christ is the physical image of the invisible God

John 6:64

I Timothy 1:17

John 6:66-69
Christ is the Holy one of God, he is not God.

You cannot call yourself a Christian and live the lifestyle of Moses

You cannot call yourself a Christian and follow the lifestyle of David

It is time to see how far off the prosperity doctrine is from the word of God.

The prosperity doctrine started in Error from the King James Bible and in error of the people teaching it since they lacked understanding

3 John 1:2
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
3 John 1:2 – KJV

When you refuse to educate yourself and be enlightened, you become your own enemy

People will not follow  simple instructions, they lack discipline, they are quick to disobey, then they blame the government

Unless you learn and you are willing to question, you will be led astray

For many so called Christians, whatever God said that does not suit your narrative, you shut God off.

Whatever Christ that does not suit your Lust for material wealth, you also shut Christ out.

You heard a pastor say “I will not listen to what ever Christ said about seed, because seeds works.”

This is not the pastors fault but the fault of those who taught the pastor.

People have been taught in error, taught to put prosperity above all things.

If you read the scriptures in depth, you will see that this was a letter to Caius.

The King james translation has misled generations

In The Free Nation we use NLT and NIV

There are even verses in KJV that do not show up in NIV and NLT versions of the scriptures

Many pastors play on the sentiments that nothing should be added to or removed from the scriptures

But they fail to tell you that many verses in the King James Bible were not meant to be part of the scriptures in the first place

There is no original copy of any of the books of the Bible.

What we have are copies of copies of copies etc. And many of these copies are less reliable than others.

Over the years theologians realized this and so we have the New Living Translation. It also is not without error, but is still more reliable than KJV

The prosperity doctrine was built on a foundation of error which puts personal prosperity above all.

The lie of the prosperity doctrine is that if you buy a car, but your neighbor cannot afford a car, right away you believe God is working in your life and not in your neighbors life.

The lie of the prosperity doctrine is based on the lust of the eyes

John the Baptist was not a rich man. Yet, Christ called him great

In Nigeria, the truth has become controversial and the lie is looked upon as original

To the rest of the world, prosperity theology is controversial

Nigerians have turned prosperity doctrine and a faith system that says this is how God works.

The prosperity theology views the Bible as a contract between God and humans. They want to believe if you have faith in God he will deliver security and prosperity

Despite 10 churches on every street in Nigeria, where is the prosperity? So who exactly is this prosperity doctrine working for?

Nigeria is in poverty not prosperity

The KJV talks about personal empowerment

Allegation of sickness and poverty are viewed as curses

Visualization and positive confessions are used as faith

Prosperity doctrine is visual but if you follow Christ, you will know he said guard against every kind of evil. Life is not measured by how much you own.

But the prosperity doctrine measured life according to how much you own

Christ said the fact that someone is a preacher doesn’t make him above you

John the Baptist was poor but no man born of woman was greater than him. He was superior to David and Solomon

1 Kings 4:22
King David ate the best type of food, Yet, John the Baptist who are insects was greater than him

Psalm 62:10
Don’t make wealth the center of your life.

The Nigerian Christian blames the devil for everything
When he is broke, he believes it’s the devil
When he is poor, he believes it’s the devil
When he is sick, he believes it’s the devil

The version of God you have is the devil

What you have worshipped up
Until now as God is the devil

Psalm 119:35
Have an eagerness for God not money

1 Timothy 6:1-10
Godliness is not a means to financial gain

Money is not your God. It cannot Save you.

Remain Blessed

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