Are you unilateral or Barrel Eyed?

  1. Yes 


Where are you getting your Christian

knowledge and understanding?
It’s time to become a barrel Christian
It is time to remove the faulty foundation and replace it with a solid foundation
Many Christians are unilateral. Let us think about cyclops, the one eyed monster

Many Christians have very limited vision. Christians shroud be like the barreleyed spook fish with a transparent head.

Christians will continue to be stagnant unless they become barrel visioned
Think about the dimensional world. the 2nd dimensional world is limited and lacks height. It is flat.

A person in flat land has limited vision and limited understanding.

If you want to understand God, you need to understand the devil too. Many people perish and are led astray because of lack of understanding. Christians need to have a barrel eyed approach.

When God is in charge everything is in sync. Don’t turn off what God has planned for you. Stop living your life based on sentiments and emotions.

You cannot know God if you hold on to your sentiments. If you are working with God he will stir you in the right direction. Stop resurrecting what God has destroyed.

The doctrine of the Old Testament should always be confirmed with the New Testament. (The Red Bible) In what you do, don’t let God replace you. Stop recycling old teachings that God has destroyed
With God, every thing is in sync. When God takes a life, it is for a purpose. Do not resurrect what God has destroyed

Nigeria has a large increase in drug abuse, killings and poverty. Yet we have more churches.

We Christians, are supposed to be the Blessed ones. Where did we get it all wrong? Nigerians are sentimental and emotional about what God has destroyed.

When God destroys something let it stay dead! God destroyed the physical temple and replaced it with a human temple, the man Jesus Christ. And he taught us that WE are God’s temple, not some stone building.
You are the indestructible temple of God. Believe this today.

“Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means ‘rock’), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.”
Matthew 16:18

Remain Blessed

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