Are you REALLY Born again?

  1. Daddyfrz teaches 4/10/18
    Topic: What does it mean to be born again?

How do you know you are born of the spirit when you don’t know the spirit

You are born again by being able to identify Jesus. You cannot identify Jesus unless you have experienced him. You get experience when you study and find yourself approved.
You study the RED bible

If you don’t know the Red Bible and the word of God you are NOT born again. You can’t hear his voice if you haven’t studied to find out who he is

Don’t let Jadas be better than you
You are not going to worship Jesus with your money

You cannot have a transactional relationship with God.

How can you claim to be filled with the spirit when you have not read the book of Thomas

The book of Thomas is NOT in the Bible instead we have the book of revelations written by John while in exile.

The RED bible is our manual – it’s the words of Jesus. But there are contradictions with the book of revelations and the RED bible
The RED bible does not contradict itself. The word of God is RED

No matter how they try to deceive you, if you can identify Jesus you will not be deceived. Always look for that mark you can identify him with.

Jesus clearly said Matthew 22:38-40 is all we need.

What spirit was used to write the book of revelations.
Revelation is a “show working” doctrine. It’s very contradictory

You cannot strive to acquire faith but you can strive to acquire works.
However we are saved by faith NOT works.

Walking in Christ is a way of life but Christianity is a religion

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