Adjusting the Narrative

The church today is filled with misinformation.

The word knowledge has many definitions.

Picking three of them:

The first definition is Facts, information and skills acquired through experience or education, the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

The second definition is awareness or familiarity by experience of a fact or situation.

The third is knowledge is familiarity, awareness on the understanding of someone or something such as facts or information description of skills which is required through experience or education by perceiving , discovering or learned knowledge.

Unverifiable Facts, misinformation and skills acquired through experience or miseducation, the theoretical or practical misunderstanding of a subject.

While we as Africans sympathize with many ongoings across the world, we fail to sympathize with one another and they fail to sympathize with us.

Many things about Africans were seen as ugly. For example tribal marks and our traditional way of doing things.

This is because a lot of people subconsciously put out a narrative that painted those things negatively. 

The narrative growing is that the better educated you are, the better chance of your making it.

But the reality is that those who were better in school did not end up being better in the real world

What we thought was information, was misinformation and what we thought was understanding was misunderstanding

Over time this has been proven.

The second definition, awareness and familiarity gained by experience

So if we say we are aware, what is that awareness based on?

Many of us used to speak in tongues. Now we know we were only fooling ourselves.

99% of the people who claim to speak in tongues are fooling themselves

Unless you speak in an audible human language that you cannot understand and unless there is a translator as the scriptures clearly emphasize, you are either blabbing (which is pagan) or you are reciting incarnations (which is also pagan)

Your knowledge of God and what you believe is God was built on miseducation and misinformation.

You created a certain type of awareness and gave life to a bunch of lies.

According to the third definition, knowledge is a familiarity, understanding of someone or something by perceiving

Many times what people perceive as Christ is another form of the devil, and the devil is Christ.

What decides that something is a fact?

A lot of the scriptures were written to suite a certain narrative they were trying to push.

If you base your knowledge on this, you will develop familiarity, understanding, gather together facts, information, description and skills for miseducation

Illiteracy is not the opposite on education

Miseducation is the right opposite of education

An illiterate does not know or claim to know

A miseducated person does not know but believes he is a custodian of knowledge

The more you read your facts, the more you realize our oppressors have made themselves into gods by passing narratives, miseducation, misinformation and media propaganda

As an African, my heros are not British Kings
My heros are African kings

Bob Marley and Fela Kuti are more relevant to Christianity than an average Christian general overseer

What we need is to purge the misinformation

We need to purge the distorted facts

We need to purge the media propaganda

We need to unlearn and relearn as we educate ourselves with the real truth

Legends are being turned into facts and this is misinformation

Who are the people that came up with church practices?

The same people that told us to pay tithes

The same people that gave Sunday worship

The same people that say celebrate Christ on Nimrods Birthday

The same people that celebrate his resurrection after a river goddess

They are the ones that have created church traditions

It is time to put everything to the test.

The greatest fall of mankind is the belief system that our generation is the most important

Every generation believe that their own generation is the most important since creation

With every generation there is a shift in narrative.

A shift in ideology and understanding

Because of it’s wobbly foundation, the church is built on misinformation

We have more churches and more hatred, more poverty and more suffering.

It’s time to unlearn and relearn

Remain Blessed

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