A sense of entitlement

You want the miracles regardless of whether 

they true or false.

When you see fake miracles, why blame the pastors?

How many men, with the heart to serve God, have been lured into their destruction by an adulterous generation.

When The Free Nation first started, the focus was on the pastors, but today the focus is on the people.

The Free Nation is here to lead the sheep and not the pastors.

It has become so convenient to point the finger at the man on the pulpit who is also struggling with everything.

2 Timothy 4:3
People are looking for teachers who will tell them what their itching ears want to hear.

Matthew 12:39
People go to church demanding a miraculous sign. They put pressure in their pastors.

Many pastors have been destroyed because of the people.

Go back to the Old Testament, you will observe that it was not Aaron that suggested to the people that they should build a calf.

It was the people who put pressure on Aaron, the chief priest, to build a god.

Notice that God did not kill Aaron with the rest of the people.

1 Corinthians 11:17

A sense of entitlement is what is keeping Nigeria from progressing

Many of you go to church with the attitude that since you paid tithes and sowed seeds, God owes you. You ask God, why am I not rich?

People change churches when they are not progressing because they want to believe that it is the church’s problem and as long as they are paying tithes, everything must work out for them.

Most Nigerians don’t realize that they are stealing from the future generations.

We do not see that we are a blessed nation without any natural disasters.

Many of you want to believe that because you are serving God, you must be rich!
Was John the Baptist rich?

People want to believe that because they are serving God, he owes them.

You expect something for nothing .

Some of you enter relationships to gain something.

Did mother Theresa look for what to gain?

Even the Pope is not looking for any gain.

Some of you will look at the pope and say what has he gained?

According to the way most people think, Christ, Paul and the pope are all not successful.

Many of you have the mentality of Simon the Sorcerer.
Acts 8

Be entitled but don’t be greedy and don’t be foolish.

Be greedy but don’t be entitled and don’t be foolish.

Be foolish but don’t be greedy and entitled.

But to combine the three, you will end up in poverty.

John 1:14
Our miracle is that the word because flesh! Yet you keep looking for miracles.

Mark 16: 9-19

Nigerians only want to believe where money is concerned.

Christ clearly said miraculous signs will accompany those who believe, they will cast out demons in the name of Christ.

Many of you only want to attend churches where they perform miracles regardless of the truth.

Christ has paid for everything
Salvation is free.

All you have to do is believe that he has done it all.

Remain Blessed

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