A gentleman named Jesus! Really?

The Free Nation does not know a gentleman

named Jesus but we know Yeshua who lived and died for the truth

2000 years later his voice and messages are still loud! The free nation will be Loud and speak the truth

The Pentecostal churches have cooked up tithes based on Malachi and Melchizedek!

They still can’t decide and so they keeps changing where they get their tithe doctrine from

Having no recourse to biblical understanding they continue to lie

Whatever you give to the poor can never be seen as sin or a curse! Yet your pastors prevent you from doing this

John 4:23
God is searching for those who will worship him in Truth and Spirit

Acts 20:9
This is real! Today it is all lies

Luke 12:29
Yeshua came to set the world on fire. He came with a sword

Matthew 23
Yeshua was not afraid to confront the teachers of religious law

Matthew 21:12-17
Yeshua was not afraid to clean out the temple

Yeshua is who we imitate. We boldly declare the truth.

Remain Blessed


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