A day in a Pentecostal Church

Welcome Β to church.. Here is what you will see.

They tell you they will take you and prepare you for the next level!

So brace yourself

Offeering envelop for sale – 10 Naira
πŸ”˜ Next level

Testimony time – lie – lie time
They tell you Papa’s anointing oil works magic! So you better buy it!
πŸ”˜ Next level

They see Papa in their dreams & he makes it possible for church folks to achieve their goals
πŸ”˜Next level

They lose things like flash drive in places like okada but guess what?? They found it! Where? in the Okada!
πŸ”˜ Next level

Papas anointing oil cures mental illness! Papa is a miracle worker!
πŸ”˜ Next level

Papa even makes diligent folks…diligent! No more credit is given to people for their diligence, All glory goes to papa
πŸ”˜ Next level

All good things that happen is because papa made it possible
πŸ”˜ Next level

Papa said live by the 70/30 ration.
Save 70% & spend 30%
Papa implemented money management.
Minimum income earners must starve!
Follow papas rule as papa enters private jet & you enter Okada
πŸ”˜ Next level

They throw out a random scripture to mark the register
πŸ”˜ Next level

The scriptures have taken a back seat in many Pentecostal churches today.
Papa is now their god!

Ignorance is not bliss! It has become religious suicide!

Remain Blessed

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