7 points to prove that tithing works!

Don’t forget to always read the fine lines!

Yes, Tithing works…..AGAINST you
Evander Holyfield sowed over 20 million dollars during his career. Today he is broke!

So you think his church will give him back at least one million? Think again!

1️⃣. It makes pastors look successful despite doing nothing except recycling your wealth.

It creates an illusory idea about being blessed.

Godliness is not a means to financial gain

No your GO is not blessed! You and other enablers are paying for his lifestyle

It leads to crime. People want to appear blessed so they end up involving themselves in all sorts of rituals.

Tithing makes people who have no business being rich appear rich on other people’s money.

It deceives people into thinking that by becoming a pastor they will be successful.

2️⃣. It is used for propagating satanic doctrines. Tithing enriches the recipient of the tithes. They then spread satanic doctrines. They tell you it is a curse to be poor. But Yeshua said “blessed are the poor” Luke 6:20

3️⃣. Idolatry: Tithing is used to embellish the worship of Mammon. For example raising any altar with money is the worship of Mammon.

Tithing helps create avenues for worshipping idols. Pastors who finish preaching and tell their congregation to come and wear his suit for money is idolatry.

4️⃣. Bully: Tithing is used to bully Christians into parting with their money

People are threatened with poverty and God’s wrath.

If your child falls sick. The first thing they will ask is if you pay your tithes

They bully people and say if you don’t pay tithes you will not make heaven

5️⃣. The money generated from tithing is used to buy and also influence political power. Even the VP said anytime he wants to sack someone corrupt, a religious leader will tell him not to.

The religious leaders have been able to buy political power. This is done in two ways. First the members enable them and pay tithes and second the politician bribe them with tithe money

6️⃣ Oppression: Tithing is used to oppress the poor and to ensure that the suffering of the tithe payers continue.

Karl Marx said Religion is the opium of the masses. If they were to remove religion as the illusory hope of the people, they have to create real hope.

Real hope is medicine, hospitals, schools, factories, a good justice system etc. the illusionary hope is prayers for things that you can simply take medication for.

As long as you keep funding the illusion of hope, the merchants of hope will never let your problems go away. When you have real hope, no one needs to go to the merchants of hope. They want you to keep buying the illusion

7️⃣. Tithing is used to fund the lifestyle of pastors and their children. People who are nothing but common area hustlers! Tithing continues because you allow it

If we all put our 10% and built schools and hospitals this country will be better off.

If we used our 10% to clean our streets, build our road, eradicate hunger, we will have a new county.

It is time not only to become real Christians, but it is time to start using our brains.

Remain Blessed

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